swearasaurus and 10 hours of butt enlargement

They’re planning right now. We’re leaving in 5…4…3…2 hours? Great. Am almost done packing…(where’s my blue hanky pants? plus my l.too tank? ugh.) mom’s still calling the resorts to book. haha early huh? they woke me up 30 mins ago and this is leading me to a starvation pit. i’m craving for mangoes and watermelons and oranges and oooh buko juuuice-top that with basking under the scorching sun.

just found out that we’re not going to pangasinan anymore. mwahaha.change of plans: we’re off to vigan! i wish there’s signal there-and food-tons of it please. after this i’m going to burn every inch of grease and blubber off my body. i have to get a vacation from Fat City. last night i learned different swear words from different languages. yey. that’s better than really learning how to speak the whole lingua. calone. fat ass. hahaha. next week i’ll grab someone so we can play tenniiiis. yey. then the aikido thing should push through. plus trina’s all time favorite: pilates. so should the painting classes, sewing part, room deco part ooh and swimming getaway. the least i could do is get a grip and then get a life.
summer wishes. i haven’t finished listing all my 99 summer wishes yet but a few have come to life this month. it’s ate alen’s birthday, by the way. thanks, GOD.ignis fatuus.

just thought i’d post these… i miss the food group. i miss sandiwa. weeee. i miss high school.

i’m not as dumb as you think i am. 🙂
(haha 122. ambaba nga hahaha)

.il sogno viene allineare.
.vita di amore.



woke up early/late. oooh i forgot. talked with ardo the whole time until mae called and told me that we had to meet by 1pm. told her i’d be there by 3 being the lazy butt that i am. i was the last one to arrive. haha. latest early bird. we planned and talked. mae, eia, jhongs, bea, micah and jen were there already. (they were seated respectively) jen was playing dota. wuhoo. we went to faye’s house without her knowing and prepared the house. we made 2 posters and a banner… bought chips and drinks and pizza. ooh the hot hot hot pizza (it was hard cold when we got to eat it. the hot sauce helped.) took lots of sequence pics… and had funfunfun. played dota but bea called me to print the poster…so mae took over..funny coz they also told mae to help…so eia took over the game. don’t know what happened but jen got his lappie back and used it while we were all downstairs. sneaky girls. ugh. we looked at faye’s pictures and found lots. hehehe. when faye arrived, we were all crawling to the fridge to get a drink. haha. funny coz someone almost locked my arm inside. drinking in the dark, we waited for faye to come. haha. abi was with faye all day to stall. bea was the one who welcomed faye in. oh was she surprised. hahaha. we all shot up and greeted her when they turned on the lights…. waaah. tears tears!!! pizza and picture picture after that. bea, mae, eia, jhongs and micah left after eating. we went with them and when they said goodbye, jen looked for a store where we could buy hahahaha. i was talking with ardo while following them store hop. we all drank except for faye. drama moments and weird heavy funny freaky cutie blah instances happened. tis too long to tell. wrote faye a letter. helped with whatever. aww im gonna miss you. when it was my time to leave the house, faye came along with me. she tied the dog and i went after her. good thing i was a little tipsy because i might have reacted more. poink. i stepped on dog poop. haha what a nice way to say goodbye. cleaned my slippers first then went out. faye hugged me. we have this promise that we’ll see each other again this year. stop the drama. it’s choking me. haha.
when i got home, ardo called. we talked till morning. haha. then i finished the poem thingie. slept till the sun went up.

went out. haha starbucks with lexa and jhonah!!! got my picture taken first then walked from there. haha layooo. kwentuhan blues. funny stories ah. hahaha. if not cs, i’d take up med. haha. what’s wrong with being a caring loving healer? hahaha. i want to save lives. yeah right. babbled stuff from the underworld to the harry potter world. haha jhonah. addicted to hp. lotsa talk. miss these moments. hehe. lexa’s mom gave us a ride home. she dropped us at kodak so we could get my fugly pic. yak ang taba. jhonah wanted to walk, and so we did. tomorrow’s another pangasinan trip and im sooo lazy to pack. ehem. cheerio!


testing testing. 123. abc. right now i’m being lazy and not much but somewhat of a dumb butt. no idea how wordpress works but it looks better than blogspot’s ordinary layout and features. tralalala. wish this day would go well coz my wrists are killing me.

The Red Balloon Taboo

If you’re thinking about the Nancy Drew type of mystery then you’re probably on the wrong side of the boat, mate!

A lot of people have asked me why I have this delight for 99 red balloons ad infinitum. (i’ll try my best to evade my silly dramatic tendencies. promise.) Ever heard of It’s a Small World After All? it’s the one played in the disney castle thingie ride. i can’t exactly tell… but that’s what flashed into my mind when i first heard this song. (i stumbled upon a techno kiddie version and later learned that it has over 50 revivals) visualizing 99 red balloons flying off to heaven is fantastic! haha corny corny…think of someone surprising you in the middle of the day with all those balloons in hand. hahaha wouldn’t it be adorable? last year, i told someone that i wanted 99 red balloons and he promised me that he’ll give me what i want in one condition – the balloons are deflated because he can’t possibly puff them all. i was so excited then, but it turned out that he was just joking. a lot of other people promised me the same deal but never got to prove it. hahaha. so sad. ah. i have this thing with 99 red balloons because it’s a combination of oddles of disappointment and heaps of fun and laughter and cuteness and red heaven-bound floating goodness. last feb 14, a friend gave me one red heart-shaped balloon…. 98 to go. haha. one day i made a bet with myself (is that even sensible?) that if anybody did manage to puff 99 red balloons, i’d totally… 🙂


pressure. pushing down on me.
that line sucks. it’s stuck in my head since i was taking a bath.
nuff drama.
woke up early cause mother dear wants me to go to my alma mater. the application form is due this week and there’s no way we’ll be able to finish it today. whoot. after dressing up, i went downstairs to see mother dearest. she’s also wearing pink. great. she asked me to search for the rest of the app forms… i copy-pasted the gist then printed everything. 11 pages of filthy nonsense.

last night, we were planning on where to go. choices are:
subic/pangasinan/puerto galera/batangas/baguio/zambales/nueva ecija/nueva vizcaya/tarlac?/bataan? haha?/caliraya!/north pole 😐
tagaytay/laguna/los banos…blah

poppy said we should spend one night in pangasinan, the following night in subic…or wherever…
that’s like going around the northern side of luzon. add ilocos and cagayan. haha.
planning’s not helping us…. it’s disappointing! no brain, no pain.

last night was another night of boredom so i thought stitching might be one way to escape it. one summer goal is to become productive. haha ebay? proud of myself for being the creative geek i was last night, i came up with something that looked like a rag – or maybe something less like one. okay, maybe “creative” is a word lightyears away from what i thought i was last night. check this: creativity is… having the ability or power to create; Characterized by originality and expressiveness; imaginative;One who displays productive originality.
no pain no gain. (got pricked twice.) no brain no pain. (no more planning without really going, please.) pressure pushing down on me. dumdumdum. (wtf?!)

2 days of lasting boredom

another trip the slec will kill me. then again, i might just want to. this summer is fully planned but nothing happens. everyday is what one can call the most boring day of summer. ugh.

take me to a place i’ve never been before. please.

nothing but dvds and cake. ooh i’m swelling up like a red balloon. eek. talk about blah.

i will carry your heart. i will carry you in my heart.

one off.

“i don’t understand these people” a man behind me complained to whom i think is his girlfriend. the man was a foreigner. the woman, a filipina. i had to go to the doctor today to get a check up and there i overheard the two talking. this hospital extension caters only to the us embassy’s requests and not to ordinary sick people. maybe this is the first hospital where the sick aren’t permitted. i’m not sure. haha. wish i’m not sick or anything because if i am, id be dead even before i could say “not!”. there are plenty of people here everyday, it seems. there’s this tarp located near the reception desk. it said that waiting is inevitable. yes, it is. the number of people here reflect the escapees of the country. sadly true, the country’s gradual rise to rancid demise provokes the people to move some place else. just like the woman behind me, she turned her back on her own blood just for the sake of leaving. her fiancee was talking about “these people” – she’s a part of that.

enough of the drama. trina bought dvds after we fetched pops. she bought a brokeback mountain dvd with my rent’s consent. great. my mom was laughing because i had this dramatic moment again, complaining about how my summer is going to become a complete waste of time. i told her summer vacation’s almost over. she told me i had four months of summer vacation. 😐

mine to hug; mine to keep.
come one come all; let’s beat the summer heat.

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