The Red Balloon Taboo

If you’re thinking about the Nancy Drew type of mystery then you’re probably on the wrong side of the boat, mate!

A lot of people have asked me why I have this delight for 99 red balloons ad infinitum. (i’ll try my best to evade my silly dramatic tendencies. promise.) Ever heard of It’s a Small World After All? it’s the one played in the disney castle thingie ride. i can’t exactly tell… but that’s what flashed into my mind when i first heard this song. (i stumbled upon a techno kiddie version and later learned that it has over 50 revivals) visualizing 99 red balloons flying off to heaven is fantastic! haha corny corny…think of someone surprising you in the middle of the day with all those balloons in hand. hahaha wouldn’t it be adorable? last year, i told someone that i wanted 99 red balloons and he promised me that he’ll give me what i want in one condition – the balloons are deflated because he can’t possibly puff them all. i was so excited then, but it turned out that he was just joking. a lot of other people promised me the same deal but never got to prove it. hahaha. so sad. ah. i have this thing with 99 red balloons because it’s a combination of oddles of disappointment and heaps of fun and laughter and cuteness and red heaven-bound floating goodness. last feb 14, a friend gave me one red heart-shaped balloon…. 98 to go. haha. one day i made a bet with myself (is that even sensible?) that if anybody did manage to puff 99 red balloons, i’d totally… šŸ™‚


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