One more reason why I should feel guilty and imprisoned for the rest of my life: I drank nicki's yakult. *_*

We'll be going to gh after lunch. I'm not sure if Trina has decided whether she'll get a membership in fitness first. I'd rather shop and play tennis and wait for saturday. That day has been planned to the millisecond of every probable moment. Bliss awaits. HAHAHA.

Ma gave me another Jerome Alexander product last night. It's a light moving eyecoat. Even if I hate to admit it, I am becoming a narcisso's heir to the fountain throne. haha. eeek. I'm off to the salon with Mother Dearest. Toodles.



Guilty as charged.

We have just gotten one long pep talk from the greatest person I've ever known. Our OC financier and care-taker may also be known as our extraordinary mother. That love driven talk makes me feel so heavy right now.
Here you'll see how sentimentally freaky I can be. I wouldn't mind if you call me whatnots and whatnoodles. As long as it's here, you can't do anything about it. MWAHAHA. Whooters. Back to the sentiments you really don't want to know about. I've got nice reasons to feel guilty and imprisoned for the rest of my life:
I have a room of my own. I'm going to have a dinner get-together with my friends this saturday. We're going shopping tomorrow. I bought more nonessential merchandise yesterday – my cabinet is half filled with plastic surgeries in a bottle. I'm not earning yet. The computer is making the electric bill blow up to twice the expected value. The landline's call waiting services are piling, too. I take a bath thrice a day, huh?! My globe plan is as high as it can go. Tennis was more than necessary. The day trips are fun and nasty. haha. All the food goes down the drain no matter what. I shouldn't be here right now.
Thanks. Get the picture?
Healthway was "clean" but the lines took forever. It was like SLEC, only brighter-looking. We had a CBC whatnot and an x-ray. Trina's blood test looked like she had her period on her arm. hahahahaha. I won't bother tell the whole boring, sleepy saliva-dripping, brain-powderizing tale of what happened today and the last few days, though those days have been full of hoopla and …whoopee. hahaha. I might be staying here till spring term comes but I don't want to go through the cheap ass enrollment line. Ugh. Toodles.

cut my legs off, please.

It's raining, it's pouring, oh dude, it's pretty freaking ugly.

Ate like a constipated pig today. Angered my mother like crazy. Flowed like a waterfall.haha. yek.  We bought the beds today. Not in the mood to rant about what happened this semi-trashy day. All I've learned is how to eat binatog from a plastic bag without utensils. Eek. Sorry, Ma.  I miss Blueberry.


Deals and understandings and agreements keep my heart from pumping too much corpuscles. Coined from baseball, SAFE. I'm thinking of adding another thing to my birthday to do list: I should try stop or maybe lessen the frequency and depth of the thrills. It might flood. hahaha.

It's a friday and thank God I'm not leaving. This skin's melanin whatnots have been long gone dead from too much toasting and baking and basking under the scorching sun. I'm too tired from sitting all morning. Sleep is good. oh, right. yes it is. toodles. the sheep are calling.

btw, here's what i doodled last night

heck. to hell with it.

My post got deleted AGAIN. Thanks wordpress.

Jazzie, I'll miss you! Today's her last day in tennis. We had oodles of talk and jumping. She made me jump and click my ankles in the air. I tried and succeeded with my right. I once thought I'm a pure leftie. My body betrayed me. When I tried with my left, I tripped and fell with my butt on the dark yuckazoid soil. The intermediate players, Coach Ariel, the other coach and Jazzie saw me. Ate Alea was even disappointed that she didn't see my fall. HA. Hans was sleepy and serious and unbearingly nice today. He provided me with the tennis balls during the service time.

 hit it, baby.

 tony's freaky.yuck. the double chin. ngaaargh.

 jazzie and me.


 tony the hottie

 kuya lester, jazzie, ate leah, me, coach ariel

heck. multiply can't support my uploading needs. i've got two accounts and both are full. come on, more more!

Today's the day that I'll start the 21 day habit. Our teacher once told us that in order to make a habit, we must stick to it for 21 days. Eventually, the routine will be part of the subconscious system. I wanted to feel disciplined so I tried searching for more things to do. I stopped reading articles 45 minutes ago. Curiosity killed the cat. Unfortunately, Curiosity didn't realize the cat had nine lives. More chances. Thanks. I need faye right now 😦 (after 5 minutes…) thanks faye. haha you're always there even if you're on the other end of the world 😀 Fine, I will. I need a new bunch of oats. The saucer beside me is now powderized because of that remorseful entry. Eek. Someone please stop the lunacy. *_*

That facial wash seems pricier than it should have been. I need more oats, sugar, honey, lemon and chamomile. I lost the book, Tuesdays with Morrie. Where have you gone, old man? I'm shifting to a book that once served as a proposal. HA. Can You Keep A Secret? My golly bananas and more bananas! The sheep are coming and they're making me sleep.

whoopie. people can think alike – as in – like alike! that's scary. uber da rainbow scary. Mom's not in the mood to leave even if we're all dressed and ready to go. she advised that we should make a scrapbook of all the things we want in life – just like the prosec goal book. Thanks, ma. I'll end up teary eyed, feeling challenged, frustrated and excited. Jv called and told me not to reply to mau. they're having another argument. teen love, angst and their raging hormones are enough to get them together again. hahaha.

Neil invited me to watch their gig. I miss those happy polluted places where people get tipsy and waste their lives by banging their heads off to nirvana. I miss those late night getaways with my friends and campmates. ooh where's daddy and my two children? anyway, hanging out late in the dawn and listening to roars and grunts of those black-shirted, long-haired, tongue-pierced emo guys are history. sorry neil, can't come. that's too short notice for an invitation. i don't even know where anonas is. haha.

trina's convincing powers beat mama's. we drove off to ortigas to buy deebeedees. she bought the whole oth season (3rd). some stall was selling skorts and some other skirts fit for tennis. ma didn't buy them. grr. there were also glutathione pills for sale – P750 for 60 capsules. oooh they're fake, i think. i long wanted to go to hbc and mercury and watsons and some other kikay area but they wanted to eat jollibee. fine. by the time we were in white plains, there were brokers giving flyers to cars. i spotted this cute cuuuute guy. mama stopped exactly when he was right beside me. she told me to get the flyer and i got it. i asked ma why she wanted the flyer even if we just bought a house. "kinuha mo yun kasi cute yung lalaki noh?" and she replied "…oo." hahahahahaha. ma was supposed to drop me at ever so that i can buy from hbc but nicki wanted to pee. whoops. he wanted to poo. hahahaha. i ended up empty handed, as usual. hahaha. it's okay. i've got better plans for tomorrow. hahahahaha.

hope this isn't too late yet… HAPPY HAPPY 44TH FAYE AND JEN! 😀 there goes my adrenalin that i've saved up for the rest of the day.

World Peace.

I'm getting tired of blogging and whatnot. Maybe I'll make this a tut site so that I can help people. trina borrowed the mask and i'm stuck with blinking my eyes for survival. tomorrow we'll be having the physical medical exam and i hope these eyes can cheat. i'm going blind! tennis was okay. we played mini tennis! i got a perfect six but after the turns after that were just lame excuses for a glowing tan. there's no need to go somewhere sandy if all the sun is shining right there in the court. thrilling is nice – and it keeps on getting better. whatta slogan. coordination and organization of thoughts are gone, might as well be with the blogging. haha. tutoring na. i'm thinking of making a new collage: the sex-crazed, clown fetishist tiny gremlin and his disco balls. weeeird. i'm off to more eye cooling. toodles.

10 days.

Excited. Yak. HAHAHA. I have 10 days to end my sixteenth year of existence and start off with a new sizzle. My listaholic self is taking over me right now. Boodlidoodooyakoozahoochalipopboo.

Ngarr. I accidentally clicked a link and dissolved my whole entry. That write-up was a page long. I’m pissed. (someone’s nagging me right now. Run along.)

Top ten things I want to do until the third of June:
1. Stick with my diet and exercise plans. Haha.
2. Earn and save for that glutathione. (I’m becoming drug dependent without the drug.)
3. Design my new room. (We’ll be moving by the first of June!)
4. Finish a vector picture.
5. Play a real tennis game.
6. Have someone host my site hahaha. 😀
7. Go stargazing.
8. Accomplish at least 3 stars.
9. Sleep early.
10. If only someone thought of those…. Hehehe.


Mama and I brought Trina, Geli and Maemae to Claret this afternoon then went to SM North Edsa to wait for them. I accompanied her because I thought that would be a good opportunity to shop. The gods of olympus struck a thunderbolt up her head and we just ended up arguing. We stayed at the fragrances section where some saleslady kept on spraying perfumes on her sample paper sticks. The I-don't-think-he's-gay-but-he-looks-like-one salesman sprayed something on ma's arm and I rubbed my arm onto hers to get it. The first thing that came into my head when I inhaled it was bubbles or some kiddie barbie scent. It's a Lanvin. Ma wanted echo. Burberry smelled classy but it was either too strong or too light. Lacoste's touch of sun is also a must have. (ano to magazine?!)

We checked out the cosmetics section. I wanted to buy a white or light eyeliner but all they had were brown and blue hues. I'm only allowed to pick from Max Factor Maybelline and some other brand…I'd rather use MAC. hahaha. My first choice was Shiseido but all heavenly outrage poured when I told her that.

Trisha: Ma, gusto ko nyan. Yan yung dati ko pa gusto eh! Ang ganda kaya! Tignan mo oh! Pag birthday mo bibilan kita lahat nyan.

Ma: Maniwala ako! Wag ka na nga!

Trisha: Ma, sige na bilan mo ko!

Ma: Ano ka ba! Hanggang Max Factor ka lang!

Trisha: …

Ma: Nung bata ako Shiseido rin ginagamit ko eh.

Trisha: ha!? Pano?! Madaya ka! Ako rin dapat!

Ma: Ang mommy kasi diba?

Trisha: madaya!!! Sige na bilan mo na ko!

Ma: kung ako nga hindi bumibili ikaw pa kaya?

That ended the conversation. She checked out some of their foundations and tints while I watched and peeped over the glass for some cream. Come on, Ma. Just one.

After that, we had to go to the home and appliance area to buy a can opener, of all things. Main agenda was to go to Watsons but when I got there, she told me to hurry up. That’s what I hate in shopping – the pressure. Haha. Told her nevermind, let’s go. We’re both pissed by now. She still bought that can opener and lingered longer than usual down that area. We drove off SM in awkward silence after that. Remember the reason why we stayed in SM? It was to wait for Trina till she finishes so that we’d be able to pick her up easily. Heck. She called and told me that Liza will bring her home. The argument with Mama seemed more awkward than ever. Eeek. I feel so irresponsible, vain and selfish. They even served my two favorite dishes tonight: sitaw + ground beef and gindara. I’m the eldest. I HAVE to be mature. Yeah right. Lemme add that to the top ten list. 🙂 Forget the balloons. I gotta grow up. haha.

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