Hot hot day

woke up early today – probably the earliest this summer. thanks to ardo's wake up call. haha. ran for 30 mins then took a bath. looking through my box, i found an old pair of magnetic earrings. they were on sale during the school fair years ago. imagine people having sore ears because of these. i wore them just for the heck of trying them on. pops saw it. the look on his face was priceless. a disgustedly weird shameful look. then mother dearest strolled in and saw them too. haha. i'm amazed at how parents can become great impromtu speakers.

ma:"ano yan? san mo nakuha yan? masama yan! kadire ka! yaaak! pano mo binutasan? ano ginamit mo? nagpabutas ka? bahala ka! ikaw rin!"

trina:"oo nga ma, ginamit niya pin jan"

ma:"ano?! kadiri ka!"

trisha:hahahahahaahahaha! mama naman! magnet yan o!

ma:"ahhh. kala ko."

after hearing the mass, we fetched nicki.they looked for furnishings and stuff at home depot. the first thing nicki and i did was to go to the middle area and eat haha. we browsed for a while and decided what we wanted.blah. after that, we ate at north park. trina and papa were fighting over the almond jelly with mango. akala mo kung sinong bata. hahaha.

fell asleep till 3 then woke up to take a shower. aba. party time. kiddie party to. hesitating, i went in tito moy's house. my beloved cousins maggie and gelo are the family's famous snobs. as in totally. hahaha. arte.  it turned out fun naman. sy and tia teased me: hi JOJO. akala ako'y tibo because of my voice. yak mon. another family came—7 children all in all. vicky, (i forgot the boy's name but he's my friend haha), terry, michelle, jed, niccolo and cogie! waw. seven heaven-sent cute kids. that's one heck of a big happy oh so adorable family. haha. (wish i had nine šŸ˜ ) gelo and i took pictures. jed watched as we did, then gelo asked jed and niccolo,"are you twins?" they both said yes. when i asked vicky (the eldest) if they were really twins, she said no. cute ba? they think they're twins coz they look and dress and talk as if they really were. cogie's sooo cute. too bad he cried when i carried him. hmp. sadlly, we left early (nicki had a fit). ohhh i wanna grab em all.

one day, i shall kidnap them. bwahaha.


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