I found my destiny.

Remove the comicality of the topic and think about something you’ve wanted to try all your life just for the heck of trying it. Not drugs, no. it isn’t about smoking or sex or piercings or tattoos or some sort of illegal pushing of carts.

Trisha, gising na. ano ka ba. late na. my mom beckoned. i stretched and turned a few times and finally, sat up. Fighting for peaceful human sleeping rights, i got my towel and took a shower. Afterwards, I waited for them to take me to UP. With all my nerves swelling up, I enrolled and sat with the other girls. They’re friendly and nice and told me about their first time. They’re in the intermediate level now. We warmed up and stretched and the coach led me to another court. There were four of us in the beginner’s section. Kim’s a journ student from UP. The ten year old boy was Andrea’s (from the other level) brother. Jazzy’s a third year student from Holy Fam. What a shame I had to miss the ball half of the time. The other half was full of stray hits making the ball go to the other court beside us. Nyahaha. Being a leftie has its good and bad features. The coach made me do opposite of what they did. He also reminded me a gazillion times how to hit it properly. Imma rook. haha.

After playing, Ma picked me up and we went home for a while. I took a shower and ate carbonara. Having a sport entitles me back to my carb-munching diet. mwahaha. We went to the school and bought trina’s stuff then went home.

I’ll go back to the salon later to get my haircut. Can’t wait till wednesday. Can’t wait till I play tennis again. haha. It’s fun and it bursts my heart everytime i think about it. whoopee. doh.HEY MON.

vanity shall strike at midnight.


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