Think of how glue makes thingamajigs stick together. If you let it
air-dry, it’ll work wonders and make those things inseparable – unless of
course you try to pull them away again. On the contrary, if you add water, it’ll
either take more time to dry or it might just slide those thingamajigs off one

Too much drama took place in this room at this very hour. HAHA. The
thing’s more of assurance and trust in other people rather than the mushy, jelly
or hormonal type.

Think of entering a room which has a gazillion doors. You have to get out
of that room but you’re not sure which door to enter and which to go back at.
When you try one door, you found this red room. Exiting the room, you find
yourself back at the room with doooooors. You try another and another and you
find yourself entering the same red room.

Why does it always happen on MAY? I’m just too divine to kill you
right now but please be reminded that Satan’s waiting to boil your ass once his
minions tie you up in your own butt hair. eew mon.

trisha: would you commit into something you know you’ll eventually
have to get out of?
dc: thats just like me smoking
dc: dba?
trisha: eh… it makes you happy but it’s not good for you
trisha: haha
dc: see
dc: alam mo naman pala sagot e
dc: if it makes you happy why not
trisha: what if it makes you happy AND it’s good for you
trisha: BUT
trisha: you’ll eventually have to say buhbye?
dc: exactly just like yosi
bladiblah… dc: ignore problems you cannot face.

hahaha. thanks a lot. i miss those wholesome days when glue
wasn’t yet invented. anyway, my upper left tummy hurts like a jellyace being
chewed and pounded. tomorrow’s another tennis lesson so sleeping would probably
be the best thing to do right now.

Split: Wish for a happy ending / Bet not.

There’s gotta be more to life than chasing down every temporary high.


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