plan abolished? not.

Excitement and sadness woke me up. I had a bad baaaad dream. There were no sheep. I was back in school. It was mid June or July. We were sitting at our corner while Kats was talking in front. All of a sudden things started to loom on me and I was crying. WE were crying. Mae and Krizza were with me. Weird – too weird I decided to wake myself. After preparing for the long day ahead, I heard my mom talking on the phone about my visa. Faye and I chatted for a while till the connection went haywire – again. She told me the school won't allow her to study cause she's underage. That hit me.HARD.

Wish I'd be able to go or else UP will suck all the poignant goodness off my demented brain. Sorry sa mga iskolar ng bayan. hehehe.

 Here's my yearbook write-up. SHARING. haha.

An artistic and idealistic girl once believed that wishes do come true, and that people just don’t look hard enough to see what they have. For some reason, she may be right. What we do not know is that she has a lot of vague but detailed things to say just like wishing for world peace and love. With a snappy but patient and optimistic attitude, one can get along very well with her. She’s a tough worker with a big dream and an even bigger heart, and that’s what people won’t forget about her. She can come up with crazy and innovative ideas and make them happen. This free-spirited and young–hearted girl will surely take a kite out of every adventure that comes her way. Yes, she may be talkative and open, but she’s also a contemplative thinker with philosophical and poetic tendencies. You may ask what happens when two ends meet, and when a person is a living contradiction: the ends say hi to each other and poof! They become Pat’am! No, she’s not being dramatic; She’s just “makulit”.

Carla and I finished all the graduates' pages. There are three people with no formal pictures; all barkada pics have been renamed, the directory has been updated. WE ARE DONE! After this, hopefully the driver will take me to Katipunan. I might visit Mommy then go to Ateneo to grab that tempting mais con hielo. Mom will probably pick me up at that side of the road, anyway. Reasons reasons. Haha.

Seems like you'll never go out of your way for me. Peradventure this is fine. This may be even something extraordinary. How will I know? Will I ever?

"Never really crossed my mind that…. šŸ™‚ When I turned around and you were there.I learned today that I need you more each day."-girlfriend-kamikazee. hahaha corny calone.


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