bloody week.

Mondays are drag days. Garfield’s right – Monday’s are despicable.

Last night was waaay better than today. Yesterday was Mother’s Day and being the absent-minded person that I was, I forgot to give the card we bought last friday. Thanks for the flimsy excuse, I gave it to her on the last hour, just after writing a long unreadable letter. Happy Mother’s Day Ma! Kala mo nakalimutan ko noh? I hang up at 2:30 am and woke up four hours after. Took a shower then ate oatmeal. I remembered people using oatmeal on their faces. Wouldn’t that look nice if every morning we all did that? Played tennis awfully. eek. The ball should be <—-this far—–> and I can’t even see that. Those four days of being a sloth has taken its toll. I even got hit by the ball! One on the upper right cheek. No black eyes please. Three on the butt. Apparently, I wasn’t contented in being a ball magnet. I even swatted my legs while trying to aim for the ball. Gawky games are supposed to be FUN.

After buying an egg mcmuffin for nicki, ate alen raced me to the other side of the overpass. Hindi pa raw siya pagod. Sige. Rode a yucky tric home then took a bath. I tried cleaning the room but some Spirit of Laziness possessed me. Yuck. So, I got the facial steam thing and set it up. I’m becoming addicted to the facial sauna. After that, I put on a mask. Geisha time. Speaking of gaysha, Brokeback Mountain was today’s highlight. Ang brutal nila maghalikan. HAHA. Harsh duuude. That’s just another sex and make-up movie. Where did the storyline go?

Succeeding the movie was a desperate call for sleep. I tried sleeping but no sheep came flying up above me. Trina’s poisonous blueberry cheesecake, mama’s coco jam sandwich and tazo chamomile tea (yumyum) didn’t help either. I’m guessing mr.migraine’s visiting me tonight. Mama told me I’m getting bigger – sideways. Okay, dyeta na naman. I’m yoyo-dieting. That’s Baaaad.

I’m looking for a machine that can erase memory. Is that the one from eternal sunshine? Oh gotta try one. Eventually, you will have to release and forget and accept and hell i don’t know. Let it go or else snappy will come.


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