Boredom sucks. While lazily playing tennis this morning, I sprained my thumb. Of all the other parts in my body, why does it have to be the thumb? I can’t even write because of that silly mistake. Tony Boy even taught me how to hold the grip properly. ha. Ma, Trina and Nicki picked me up afterwards. Went to Robinsons to buy the essential grocery stuff whatnots. Slept the whole time after lunch till mother dearest woke me up. I was supposed to get my picture taken for the passport renewal but she forgot and she blamed me for not reminding her. Thank you very much. Trina wore her rag to Ortigas that’s why we weren’t able to get out of the car the whole hour while waiting for nicki to finish his therapy. Right now, I’m pissed for not getting what I want. HAHA. BRAT.


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