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Today is Reminisce Day.

Tennis seemed to fly by. Even Kim looked like she was dreaming. Sorry na, masisira poise pag tumakbo eh. Hans and Tony Boy got on each other’s nerves and almost started hitting each other. Hans is big – definitely bigger than Tony. Just for the sake of perceived pogi points and Tony Boy’s intimidation, Hans sprayed saliva and bad breath all over the place. We didn’t have footwork, arm and eye coordination and strength today. Looked like everybody was still in cloud nine or ten or something. Coach made us pick the scattered balls for 30 secs. The strategy was that we’ll kick the balls nearer. Hans kicked them off the court. Great. He cheated, too. Another batch followed because of that. I bumped onto Hans’ tummy. Yeouch. Ardo was there when we finished playing. We walked and walked. Mother Dear picked us up at Mcdo. By 10:30 something, we rode off to Katipunan then killed time in Starbucks. I tried reviewing him but I needed reviewing myself. Gaah.

1pm. I vamoosed to Mommy’s place. Her room was filled with brown/sepia pictures, shoes and the smell of old cabined and paper. mm-hmm. I tried some of her high heeled shoes on. Ancient shoes to be exact. They were so retro. Imagine those movies where grandchildren and their grandparents talk for hours about the past. Parang magazine and time machine – ang galeng! labo. She told me about the street photographers in Escolta during their time, and showed me some of their pics. The fad was having a terribly short and permed hairstyle. I read her autograph book and discovered her secret crushes. cool. I found out that we are related to many many families: nery, nuñez, reyes, roa, macalincag?, rillo…

Maggie and Gelo played with me. Maggie did the tummy thing and even tried peeping into my shirt and pants. yak. They’re so cute and fun and wild. Maggie wanted to drink milk from me. HAHA. What’s so sweet about her is that she wanted me to come back and sleep there and come with her when she skates.

Right now, I’m going to finish mama’s scanning and rep phil’s souvenir programme thing. the latter’s due on friday. wish me luck.

right for each other.


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