Hype me.

Madonna’s hot. Hot for action, that is. Her music and face? Not really. She’s like a lean mean sweating meachine plus those red and blue trigger buttons for music and well, more action. Maybe I’ll try her workout regime and, maybe I’ll be able to lose these jelly arms. eek.

Mall of Asia IS big. huge. humongous. boring. Technically, they opened the mall today but not all stores yet. Seems like the whole country decided to see the intriguingly spacious mall. We ate at Burgoo. The food, no questions asked, is great. Though, I didn’t like the rib. The cooks were too busy to notice that the meat had gone uber da bakod dry and cornstarch powdery. Yekk. After eating, we strolled along with most of the beautiful and yeah, the ugly. nyahaha. There were people from all walks of life walking. Papa’s astonishing craving for warfare intelligence gave away when we entered fully booked. He checked the books one by one until Nicki said he wanted to go to the throne room. Fine, Ma and Pa left us there. I had four books in mind until the lights went out. Anti SM people succeeded. Half of the mall was dark. How was I supposed to buy Wicked, some book with a seahorse in its title, some family book and whatnot??? Papa had returned but he didn’t want to buy anymore. Bummer. We argued and it went like this:

Pa:”Walang ilaw pano ka bibili? Hindi ko nga makita yung presyo eh!”

Trish:”edi ako magbabasa! o dali turo mo gusto mo! ah yan? 1299!”

Pa:”mahal! wag yan!”

Trisha:”1355. wag yan! panget! ahh 2000 yan! mahaaal!”

Pa:”anong mahal! ang mura na nyan noh!”

Trisha:”eh yung book na Ferrari? Para kay nicki, gusto nya to.”

Pa:”ayoko inaaway ako ni nicki eh”

Trisha:”hahaha. daig nyo pa kami!”

Say goodbye to the bookstore, let’s go.

The mall had an olympic sized skating rink but no one was skating – or I was just too blind to see them. Some guy stepped on my foot then stared at me. Leche.Trina got her Bayo and Nicki got fooled. haha. Too tired and irritated, Ma said that we should go home. Nyak wala pang 3 umuwi na. I slept all the way from the parking lot till katipunan. By the time we got home, I was too hyped up to go back to sleep. That mask is uber da rainbow soothing + addicting. I forgot: this is the first day I tried putting on eye shadow just for the mall. haha. anlandi. Ma, Pa and I watched hbo. After that, I tried fixing mama’s kikay box. Looks like she’s wiped out. haha. Back to the old hair style. Puch. more to come later. nyak. They bought me mcflurry. Where had my oc diet gone?


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