frills and thrills.

There are only Three Things that happened today: tennis. thrilling and trancing.

Tennis was harsh. Kuya Lester and I were the only two people present. The rounds weren’t called rounds anymore. Talking was also a luxury that time. Till Ate Lea came, and Ate Kim followed. Hans was late, too. I became Tony Boy’s substitute/side kick. Hans fought with me during my turn, graded me and told me stories with which I think he made up at the exact moment. All the sunblock made me feel heavy and sticky and..eww. After the tennis session, Ardo and I walked home. Don Antonio became shorter – or maybe it was just because of the chitchat. Chilled here till lunch. Nicki sat on Ardo. HAHAHA. Lots of new walls were used, too. Lunch time came, and so did my mother’s buzz. After lunch, Ardo left and knowing that I had nothing to do the whole day, I lay beside nicki and dozed off the day. The only dream I can remember was the one when I had a chicken strip in one hand. I told ate ging it had molds but I cut the fresh part away and ate it. Done.

I’ll probably bum around for the rest of the day.

It’s the thrill of not getting caught that keeps this world turning. Someone told me something today. haha. It makes me feel guilty and heavy and whatnot. I saw something today. haha. If hadn’t been such a jerk, maybe you would still be in where you were a year ago.


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