10 days.

Excited. Yak. HAHAHA. I have 10 days to end my sixteenth year of existence and start off with a new sizzle. My listaholic self is taking over me right now. Boodlidoodooyakoozahoochalipopboo.

Ngarr. I accidentally clicked a link and dissolved my whole entry. That write-up was a page long. I’m pissed. (someone’s nagging me right now. Run along.)

Top ten things I want to do until the third of June:
1. Stick with my diet and exercise plans. Haha.
2. Earn and save for that glutathione. (I’m becoming drug dependent without the drug.)
3. Design my new room. (We’ll be moving by the first of June!)
4. Finish a vector picture.
5. Play a real tennis game.
6. Have someone host my site hahaha. 😀
7. Go stargazing.
8. Accomplish at least 3 stars.
9. Sleep early.
10. If only someone thought of those…. Hehehe.


Mama and I brought Trina, Geli and Maemae to Claret this afternoon then went to SM North Edsa to wait for them. I accompanied her because I thought that would be a good opportunity to shop. The gods of olympus struck a thunderbolt up her head and we just ended up arguing. We stayed at the fragrances section where some saleslady kept on spraying perfumes on her sample paper sticks. The I-don't-think-he's-gay-but-he-looks-like-one salesman sprayed something on ma's arm and I rubbed my arm onto hers to get it. The first thing that came into my head when I inhaled it was bubbles or some kiddie barbie scent. It's a Lanvin. Ma wanted echo. Burberry smelled classy but it was either too strong or too light. Lacoste's touch of sun is also a must have. (ano to magazine?!)

We checked out the cosmetics section. I wanted to buy a white or light eyeliner but all they had were brown and blue hues. I'm only allowed to pick from Max Factor Maybelline and some other brand…I'd rather use MAC. hahaha. My first choice was Shiseido but all heavenly outrage poured when I told her that.

Trisha: Ma, gusto ko nyan. Yan yung dati ko pa gusto eh! Ang ganda kaya! Tignan mo oh! Pag birthday mo bibilan kita lahat nyan.

Ma: Maniwala ako! Wag ka na nga!

Trisha: Ma, sige na bilan mo ko!

Ma: Ano ka ba! Hanggang Max Factor ka lang!

Trisha: …

Ma: Nung bata ako Shiseido rin ginagamit ko eh.

Trisha: ha!? Pano?! Madaya ka! Ako rin dapat!

Ma: Ang mommy kasi diba?

Trisha: madaya!!! Sige na bilan mo na ko!

Ma: kung ako nga hindi bumibili ikaw pa kaya?

That ended the conversation. She checked out some of their foundations and tints while I watched and peeped over the glass for some cream. Come on, Ma. Just one.

After that, we had to go to the home and appliance area to buy a can opener, of all things. Main agenda was to go to Watsons but when I got there, she told me to hurry up. That’s what I hate in shopping – the pressure. Haha. Told her nevermind, let’s go. We’re both pissed by now. She still bought that can opener and lingered longer than usual down that area. We drove off SM in awkward silence after that. Remember the reason why we stayed in SM? It was to wait for Trina till she finishes so that we’d be able to pick her up easily. Heck. She called and told me that Liza will bring her home. The argument with Mama seemed more awkward than ever. Eeek. I feel so irresponsible, vain and selfish. They even served my two favorite dishes tonight: sitaw + ground beef and gindara. I’m the eldest. I HAVE to be mature. Yeah right. Lemme add that to the top ten list. 🙂 Forget the balloons. I gotta grow up. haha.


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