World Peace.

I'm getting tired of blogging and whatnot. Maybe I'll make this a tut site so that I can help people. trina borrowed the mask and i'm stuck with blinking my eyes for survival. tomorrow we'll be having the physical medical exam and i hope these eyes can cheat. i'm going blind! tennis was okay. we played mini tennis! i got a perfect six but after the turns after that were just lame excuses for a glowing tan. there's no need to go somewhere sandy if all the sun is shining right there in the court. thrilling is nice – and it keeps on getting better. whatta slogan. coordination and organization of thoughts are gone, might as well be with the blogging. haha. tutoring na. i'm thinking of making a new collage: the sex-crazed, clown fetishist tiny gremlin and his disco balls. weeeird. i'm off to more eye cooling. toodles.


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