heck. to hell with it.

My post got deleted AGAIN. Thanks wordpress.

Jazzie, I'll miss you! Today's her last day in tennis. We had oodles of talk and jumping. She made me jump and click my ankles in the air. I tried and succeeded with my right. I once thought I'm a pure leftie. My body betrayed me. When I tried with my left, I tripped and fell with my butt on the dark yuckazoid soil. The intermediate players, Coach Ariel, the other coach and Jazzie saw me. Ate Alea was even disappointed that she didn't see my fall. HA. Hans was sleepy and serious and unbearingly nice today. He provided me with the tennis balls during the service time.

 hit it, baby.

 tony's freaky.yuck. the double chin. ngaaargh.

 jazzie and me.


 tony the hottie

 kuya lester, jazzie, ate leah, me, coach ariel

heck. multiply can't support my uploading needs. i've got two accounts and both are full. come on, more more!

Today's the day that I'll start the 21 day habit. Our teacher once told us that in order to make a habit, we must stick to it for 21 days. Eventually, the routine will be part of the subconscious system. I wanted to feel disciplined so I tried searching for more things to do. I stopped reading articles 45 minutes ago. Curiosity killed the cat. Unfortunately, Curiosity didn't realize the cat had nine lives. More chances. Thanks. I need faye right now 😦 (after 5 minutes…) thanks faye. haha you're always there even if you're on the other end of the world 😀 Fine, I will. I need a new bunch of oats. The saucer beside me is now powderized because of that remorseful entry. Eek. Someone please stop the lunacy. *_*

That facial wash seems pricier than it should have been. I need more oats, sugar, honey, lemon and chamomile. I lost the book, Tuesdays with Morrie. Where have you gone, old man? I'm shifting to a book that once served as a proposal. HA. Can You Keep A Secret? My golly bananas and more bananas! The sheep are coming and they're making me sleep.

whoopie. people can think alike – as in – like alike! that's scary. uber da rainbow scary. Mom's not in the mood to leave even if we're all dressed and ready to go. she advised that we should make a scrapbook of all the things we want in life – just like the prosec goal book. Thanks, ma. I'll end up teary eyed, feeling challenged, frustrated and excited. Jv called and told me not to reply to mau. they're having another argument. teen love, angst and their raging hormones are enough to get them together again. hahaha.

Neil invited me to watch their gig. I miss those happy polluted places where people get tipsy and waste their lives by banging their heads off to nirvana. I miss those late night getaways with my friends and campmates. ooh where's daddy and my two children? anyway, hanging out late in the dawn and listening to roars and grunts of those black-shirted, long-haired, tongue-pierced emo guys are history. sorry neil, can't come. that's too short notice for an invitation. i don't even know where anonas is. haha.

trina's convincing powers beat mama's. we drove off to ortigas to buy deebeedees. she bought the whole oth season (3rd). some stall was selling skorts and some other skirts fit for tennis. ma didn't buy them. grr. there were also glutathione pills for sale – P750 for 60 capsules. oooh they're fake, i think. i long wanted to go to hbc and mercury and watsons and some other kikay area but they wanted to eat jollibee. fine. by the time we were in white plains, there were brokers giving flyers to cars. i spotted this cute cuuuute guy. mama stopped exactly when he was right beside me. she told me to get the flyer and i got it. i asked ma why she wanted the flyer even if we just bought a house. "kinuha mo yun kasi cute yung lalaki noh?" and she replied "…oo." hahahahahaha. ma was supposed to drop me at ever so that i can buy from hbc but nicki wanted to pee. whoops. he wanted to poo. hahahaha. i ended up empty handed, as usual. hahaha. it's okay. i've got better plans for tomorrow. hahahahaha.

hope this isn't too late yet… HAPPY HAPPY 44TH FAYE AND JEN! 😀 there goes my adrenalin that i've saved up for the rest of the day.


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