Guilty as charged.

We have just gotten one long pep talk from the greatest person I've ever known. Our OC financier and care-taker may also be known as our extraordinary mother. That love driven talk makes me feel so heavy right now.
Here you'll see how sentimentally freaky I can be. I wouldn't mind if you call me whatnots and whatnoodles. As long as it's here, you can't do anything about it. MWAHAHA. Whooters. Back to the sentiments you really don't want to know about. I've got nice reasons to feel guilty and imprisoned for the rest of my life:
I have a room of my own. I'm going to have a dinner get-together with my friends this saturday. We're going shopping tomorrow. I bought more nonessential merchandise yesterday – my cabinet is half filled with plastic surgeries in a bottle. I'm not earning yet. The computer is making the electric bill blow up to twice the expected value. The landline's call waiting services are piling, too. I take a bath thrice a day, huh?! My globe plan is as high as it can go. Tennis was more than necessary. The day trips are fun and nasty. haha. All the food goes down the drain no matter what. I shouldn't be here right now.
Thanks. Get the picture?
Healthway was "clean" but the lines took forever. It was like SLEC, only brighter-looking. We had a CBC whatnot and an x-ray. Trina's blood test looked like she had her period on her arm. hahahahaha. I won't bother tell the whole boring, sleepy saliva-dripping, brain-powderizing tale of what happened today and the last few days, though those days have been full of hoopla and …whoopee. hahaha. I might be staying here till spring term comes but I don't want to go through the cheap ass enrollment line. Ugh. Toodles.


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