One more reason why I should feel guilty and imprisoned for the rest of my life: I drank nicki's yakult. *_*

We'll be going to gh after lunch. I'm not sure if Trina has decided whether she'll get a membership in fitness first. I'd rather shop and play tennis and wait for saturday. That day has been planned to the millisecond of every probable moment. Bliss awaits. HAHAHA.

Ma gave me another Jerome Alexander product last night. It's a light moving eyecoat. Even if I hate to admit it, I am becoming a narcisso's heir to the fountain throne. haha. eeek. I'm off to the salon with Mother Dearest. Toodles.

^THAT^ was written a few hours ago. NOW is something else. The money wasting trip to gh finally came to happen. Jhonah and I were lost most of the time. If we didn't like the item or the price, an automatic "okay!" hit the ladies on their foreheads. For most of the stalls that we entered, the salesladies were arguing or fighting or shouting. We must be great harbingers of disaster. Trina used (ehem was-ehem-ted eherrm) 2k for clothes and whatnot. I spent less than a thousand, surprisingly. Those items, if worn, make people true-to-life stereotypes of being fashion robots. haha weird. They sell the same line of clothes with the same prices. I still bought them, though. Quite unsatisfied, I'm saving this for a dress I haven't seen YET. That same amount which I withdrew a while ago was my tuition – but I used it for shopping and more kapukengkengan. haha. yihee. Enrollment next week, another physical exam tomorrow. Shnuggle up. Kanoodletoodles.


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