3:25pm rants.

this is pointless.

i spent 2 hours on pampering myself. another hour on reading forums. on this hour, i’m going to eat again, sew another bag and waste some more cloth. fine. i’m bored but nee came to the rescue. 😀 toodles.


Treasure hunting

Bet you can’t find any other eight year old who lies about being bullied in school, having a headache AND getting too stressed out. Nicki’s the bomb.

He ran to my bed then mother dear sat beside him. She asked him why the bad look on his face. Then, he started pouring out and telling us things like..”inaaway ako ni tj!” though tj, his classmate, is long gone from the school. ugh nicki. he told the maid he was having a headache too. mom gave into his drama and let him stay at home.

nicki wanted to have his own ym account. he tailed and nagged and pulled me just to help him make one. fine. the whole afternoon was spent on chatting with him even though he’s just a floor away.

anyway, the sewing machine got its big debut today. it can now sew! haha. i tried revamping trina’s undergarment but it ended up in the trashcan instead. ssshh! so, i decided to try wasting more cloth and electricity and thread. i made this circular bag; however, it can’t hold anything other than a coin purse. it’s so small. so much for a first try on that style. haha.

i’ll post pictures later of what happened during the day/night. this violet bag in mama’s closet, as i’ve found out, is full of makeup. unused, brand new, branded, heck-i-want-them-all kind of makeup. so that’s where all my JA light-moving products came from. mwahaha.

pardon my vanity.

the bag

above: the bag. below: mom’s makeup stash.

whatnots. another day, another month shall pass. let’s all make July last. please? toodles.

’nuff said.

this is your certified student driver speaking. please be careful in closing the doors. emergency exits are located here, here and there by the windows. oxygen masks, if needed can be acquired by opening your windows and sticking out your heads. this is flight 636 on the ford focus. i am glad to be of assistance. *flashes toothy grin*

LTO is ISO certified by paper, not by practice. The smitten person who took my picture gave me this evaluation form. Being the good person that I am, I marked them as high as 3 points instead of giving them 1. My commuting buddy, Mother Dearest, wants to go shopping for a few blouses later. I’ll take that as an opportunity to shop shop shop. mwahaha. Why does she like to commute anyway? Oh, that’s fine with me as long as I’m going somewhere – anywhere. My glasses are ready for pick-up. Dunceland, here i come. O_o

Our possessed, reincarnated dog almost touched me. eew. Trina took the touch screen camera with her to school. Darn it. I want to take pictures using that camera. I’ll buy a new one plus a lappie and a lot of H2O. I’m going to die if Pepsi Blue, Coke, Sarsi, Dr. Pepper… (get the picture?) infiltrate my system. My aunts’ hearts pump blue/green blood instead of the normal ones. nyahaha.

Rhyming’s my thing today. It might get me out of dismay. haha. toodles.

the proposed shopping spree became a shopping free. Mom didn’t like anything. the only one she wanted didn’t fit well. I wanted a top but i didn’t find it either. The skirts were outdated too. There’s this pair of Our Tribe slippers we wanted the last minute but she decided we’ll buy them next time. Anyway, while waiting for her to pay in BDO, i bought this godiva lipgloss in watsons. It’s cheaper by P7 from the GCom supermarket. haha. it says there that the lipgloss can make your lips naturally redder. your nipples, if applied to, can also get pinker. hahaha. Dad met us in BDO. We ate at mexicali. his enchiladas lured my taste buds. haha. he said that the sauce container was salsa so i sloshed lots on my tco salad.little did we know that it’s not just some ordinary salsa. like some live dragon, my tonue, nose and ears flared up. it tasted hot – extra hot and spicy. he IS my father. i’ve got proof: he committed the same mistake of smearing the burrito with the sauce. hahaha.

guilt is a heavy piercing feeling, isn’t it? dad bought me L-gluta pills again. they cost more than the one he bought last time. mom didn’t want to let me know how much my glasses are. the frame is 2300 because it’s made by some NW, a famous designer, whoever he is. the lens, as i’ve later on found out, have a value that can buy me more or less two pairs of long term contacts. Golly. I should’ve gotten contacts instead. They’re 200-300% cheaper – and we can get discounts from the optical shop too. oooh. the only concern my parents have is me. I’ve got responsibility, orderliness and memory issues.mwahaha

if md and pd are doing this just because i’m leaving then it would be better if i leave every month. haha. joke. what i’m saying is, attention and care are both very welcome but i think they should be bothered by more important things than me. As long as i get my daily dose of nee, i’m a-okay. really. Toodles.


This is just a dream. I tell myself. I’m just dreaming and nothing happened. I promised then broke it the next minute. What the heck is happening? I’m so sorry. It won’t happen ever again. As in never ever. The provocation won’t possibly present itself within the next few months or years. Tita Daisy brought the Mtsac papers this morning. MD’s excited. I’m like -_- ‘ugh, okay. greeeat. i don’t know how to react’.

I’m dreaming. lalala. sheep will come and sheep will go but new sheep will come anyway. lalala.

Lifehouse isn’t making things better. I’m not in the mood for anything but make my nee happy. oh come one come all. i’m missing him and he’s disappointed. sorry, nee 😦


this isn’t getting any better. neopets. mozart’s women. jet audio. staring at the monitor. rocking the chair. eye drops. tears tears. neopets. type then delete. tears tears. neopets.

fine. i can’t help pouring it out. i know i’m wrong okay? it’s my fault and i don’t know how to make it up to you. the cr’s taken at the moment, so kubetacore’s kind of postponed till my dad comes out. the phone’s back in its humble place; the screen is blurry; my feet are wet from the stream coming from my face; my nose is clogged; i’m freaking hungry but the night’s not for eating; lss on panic!; no need for the eye drops because my eyes are dropping. have a sense of rationality. sos, the girls my mother dear likes when we were still kids, makes me cry. ahaha. golly. it makes me want to hug him but i know i can’t right now. the light’s still on but i’m having this emotional rush again. haha. dang. why did i have to do what i did? the spongebob face towel came to the rescue. ugh. it’s not enough, spongie. is it the cold or the stone treatment? i’m not sure which but i hope you’d pick neither. feels like i want to become a wall or something so that i won’t leak tears. can we please go back to normal? i miss having you around. i know i disappointed you. i’m sorry. 😦

i wish i can hug you and tell you how i’m sorry.i really am. toodles.

Limelight Blues.

There's a reason why driving schools are so expensive. They also need to put their teachers on anger management.

Nicki woke me up today. "Trisha, gising na. ang bagal mo matulog." he failed to release me from slumber. after the dream I woke up anyway. Mom told me we'll be going to the doctor so I took a bath and dressed up. She ym-ed me and told me I'll be the one to drive. Wuhoo. Mas mabilis pa sa alas kwatro. Driving is their desperate attempt to get me off the bed before lunch. haha. I changed my shoes and waited for my turn to hold the wheel. A few bumbs didn't hurt. The seat was positioned at its closest to the steering wheel, and I was leaning forward to reach the brakes. haha. There was one turn where a tricycle and some car were double parked at the corner. I braked but I thought the car would stop and there was another car behind us so I stepped on gas. She went ballistic. ANO KA BA?! MATATAMAAN MO NA YUNG TRICYCLE! MAGAGASGASAN PA TONG KOTSE! I was driving the Focus at that time so she was extra cautious. After a few more seat exchanges, she ended it. hahaha. 2 PM struck and Nicki went out of the school. After bringing him home, we commuted to Shang. MD saw the Haagen Dasz chocolate cake.

MD: ang sarap niyang cake na yan!
ME: o talaga? nakakain ka na?
MD: hindi pa. muka lang masarap. 😐

then Father Dear picked us up to go to Medical City. The ophthalmologist was laughing because I should've worn my glasses ALL THE TIME. ehhh. My right eye went a grade higher.It's now 175 with -75 or somethin astigmatism. what can i say, astig eh. haha corny. My left is fine, thank God. She said wearing make up can also damage my eyes. okay, guilty. She also said I should get two pairs of glasses. YEY, more for fashion. haha. Mom and Dad consulted the derma. Don't tell me I'm vain. I got that from them. 😀

Slept the way home. Now I'm worried I haven't done all the medicated stuff yet. I'm not going to die, am I? PD made me double my gluta dose. As if he's my doctor. hahaha. We'll come back next week and sometime this week to get my check up. AGAIN. Toodles.be cool.

the big pink pen

They say the mall of asia is full of people. IT IS!!!

We went back to stroll and do whatever. Trina and Nicki bought Mogu pillows – the new snappy. nyahaha. I got a webcam! mwahaha. Now's the time to make scandals. Mwahahahaha. We ate at healthy shabu shabu. PD ordered too much. AGAIN. I ate more than twice my stomach can handle. Trina ate thrice. haha. The noodles were good (but the whoopies we have are even better. And heck, maybe the next best thing is the caveman finding its cave, huh?). Anyway, after eating, we strolled along then went to hypermart. MD chatted with Ninang Mia there. Swimming this Thursday!!! YEY!

I baby-sitted nicki while shopping. haha. If there's a certification in baby-sitting, I will probably be at the bottom of the people-who-failed list. We lost Nicki twice…in the grocery. The count outside hypermart's another story. He's just too hyper inside hypermart. What can you expect?!

My speakers are currently in the mental hospital where they shall be treated by Nurse Kiki (trina). When we were kids, Trina and I played doctor doctor and the nurse's name's always Nurse Kiki. If she's a real nurse, she should look like the one you'll see in porn sites or magazines wearing her white uniform three sizes smaller plus those red plump lips and heck, that blond do. HAHAHA. There's a catch. She has a brain the size of a mongo bean and a voice squeakier than a mouse's squeals. Yuck. Speaking of a mouse, our maid saw a rat struggling in one plastic bag behind my computer table. That's just gross. Connecting gross, this big pink pen will NEVER, I tell you, EVER enter a room smaller/thinner than its tip. It can only touch non living things. Surely we all had prep lessons in differentiating living things from non living ones.

My cousins and my aunt might visit the Philippines this Christmas vacation. They'll leave me there. MD, please save me from the wretched boredom the 15750 house has to offer. please mother, I beg you. hahaha. yuck, who can ever bear this level of junk humor?! It's 11:44! what a nice time to sign off. Toodles. I know you know what makes my world go round and my day go bright.

black pearls and red tees.

At least five garments went out of my cabinet this morning for fitting. I really want to go out and see my nee or just go out and shop. I need a new clothing line. haha. I took a happy bath, tried on happy clothes, fixed my happy hair, transferred my happy things from one happy bag to another, waited happily for them to arrive while playing happy neopets. what makes these happy things so sad is that we're NOT going anywhere. as usual, my antisocial father, the bum king, wants to sit on his throne, play computer all day long and yeah, drink coke. sure, I'm also guilty for making the maid buy coke for lunch but what the heck. Why is he punishing us for his inate ability to sit and smoke and slaughter virtual enemies all day. We do have that ability (minus the smoking part) but we, my brother, sister and I, do not plan to have bigger butts (but sometimes I wish I have a bigger one. haha).

The three N's have saved the day once more. Nee, nee, yes you've guessed that one right, nee. HAHA. In neopets, I'm currently losing in the Battledome versus Megan. nyahaha. great. So this is why I got all primmed up…NEOPETS. heeeck. Trina's off to party. Mommy dear's out to work. Nicki's downstairs to play. ugh. i'm having fun listening to …"like shooting stars we shine and then we fade…" okay. i'll stay here as long as fd wants to go somewhere other than stay in the car and drive. toodles.

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