I have five 1st and 2nd degree burns right now. how hot is that?!the first one is mike wazowski's neighbor. my stupidity took over me when i put boiling sugar paste on my forearm. after that, i thought it had cooled down already. i then smudged it onto my thigh. hehehehehehehehehehe. crazzzzy. it's now swollen and gross. i have a tiny light saber (not in a manly light saber jedi night way) on my left thigh. moving on, the follicles are down the drain. sugaring, after a million tries, has been somewhat successful. it easily hardens so you'd have to reheat it after every given time. whatnot.

I HATE UP because of the hag in the records desk. she's so nasty and ugh, annoying. you're not my mother to reprimand me, okay? run along. I, plus all the other students, am not paying UP to get blown off by some receptionwitch. haha. pardon the meanness but it's pretty much the ugly truth. it's our first time here so don't expect us to act as if we know everything. don't make me harm you.hahahaha.

I met a girl who kept saying "po" even if she's a batch older. Another girl was Ia. She's friendly and she's my panlalait buddy. we hate that hag. haha.

nicki's pillow heart and pillow flower both worked great today. hehehehehe. tomorrow will be another joyous day. it'll be full of surprises and thrills and hell whatnots. ha.

i don't want to go to school yet. i hate it. haha.

sugar's giving me goosebumps. toodles.


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