sweetness be gone.

9 6 hours to go and it's the final year of being a minor. after that, i'm hell legal, baby. haha. i'm hesitant to move on and grow up. here's something cliche. a part of me wants to remain a kid and the other part wants me to experience the big world. wth.

today's gist:

  • ardo fed nicki! kuya nga talaga hahaha.
  • green tea ice cream tastes like chocolate+sea weed.
  • i left my UP medical papers hanging (fork that lady.)
  • i bought myself a gift and it's going to be delivered within 24 hours (a woman with a provincial accent called to confirm if they can deliver it today.woohoo.)
    • this just in: i thought the whole thing costs 900 but no, the guy said 1110 po. haha. all that for vanity?
    • mamatay na ko sa kaartehan :\
    • ok lang, end of the world na naman e.
  • spent a hundred on commuting.
  • the maid was displeased because i wanted to bring an umbrella. good thing it drizzled. shame shame.
  • i'm now bloated with binatog.
  • credits: permanently longer thicker lashes thanks to castor. no more hair c/o sugaring. merienda by maggi. razor by bic. up ikots. limewire. w3. fic green tea yuck.
  • went flat 0 on the last day of being sixteen. (sacrifice and stay in UP. i have to go and get my educational allowance.)

tomorrow's itinerary has been concoted more than it should really be:

  • 6.45:fetch mama from the airport.
  • 9.00:meet up with ardo in the morning.
  • 13.00:wreck lsc.
  • 17.00:hit eastwood till 6.
  • 18.00:dinner with friends at dencios (wanna sama?)
  • 0.00:kill time till there's time no more.

nothing so expected will happen tomorrow. lalalala. i'm conditioning myself not to dream too much. it's going to be one ordinary, no-biggie, hell boring, hot sun-shiny(oh i hope), third of june day wherein i will grow older but sadly not taller and thankfully not wider. toodles.


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