whatnots to world peace

Yesterday had been a rainy delight (why did it have to rain during my berdey?). the eastwood trip with mae, jhonah, yani, lienne, ardo, crystal, merks (in order of appearance) was confusingly ecstatic. yes, mae. kilala na namin angkan mo. haha. we hit jack's loft to drink fishbowls and eat the whatnot with cinnamon. Mae was fooled to eat it. Their kwentos were fun. The laughs were more convivial. I miss SHS. I miss the people there and the shenanigans we've put up together. After that, they wanted some action. Off to powerstation, then. The first plan was we'd watch a movie or something but since they wanted to play and I was a little cracked, pass muna. Ardo and I scouted for probable places to eat. We tried reserving at Fazolis but the guy said they don't take reservations during weekends. Fine. Pho Hoa was another prospect but it was raining and that would be a wet strenuous walk. We ate at Superbowl instead. I think I pointed too much. The food was less than half eaten. I wish I did take the effort to sit next to you. On the way to superbowl, I evaded the automatic glass door. "patam, wag ka mag alala. hindi ka matatamaan niyan." So after eating, while walking back to powerstation to burn off the fat we had just devoured, I didn't mind the doors. Guess what? Nasaraduhan pa ko. "wahaha hindi ka nakita." whoops. hahaha. I got a VIP card just for the 200 birthday thing. hahaha. after a few games, the credits had magically disappeared. They gave me an invisible pen (the prize you can redeem after a handful of tickets haha thanks!!!) Pa called me that they wanted to pick us up already. Mcdo became a freezing pitstop. After that, we brought them all home and got locked in ours. haha. We talked till the sun was up. Nee even had powernaps and vivid dreams. hahahaha.

'Tis been said and written:

just for whatnots.

toodles. <3.


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