X-men Xtacy.

Destiny has unleashed its powers last night. Azureus accomplished 5 movies in 2 days. Wahaha. X-men The Last Stand is one fantastic film. haha. This isn't a review, please. Heck, we're going nuts over the movie. Bloody sadness prevailed half of the film. The way their skin tears off is a turn-on. Let's eat. hahaha. Call whoever a pedophile but Aussie Hugh Jackman is hothothot. I hate Bobby and Kitty whoever that invisigirl is. haha. Panira ng shots.

I am afraid. I am fear. Hiyak. I have/had:

Atychiphobia:failure. Coulrophobia:clowns. Dystychiphobia:accidents. Eremophobia:loneliness. Heminthophobia:worm infestation. Ergophobia:work. Hypsiphobia: heights. Macrophobia: long waits.(haha just joking nee.). Taeniophobia:tapeworms.

thanks to phobialist.com 😀

WALA LANG. Pappy Doodles bought me pills. They'll serve as his generous (bribery) gift in exchange for keeping quiet that he bought one big container of a body-building, protein-rich peptide whey chocolate powdered drink. hahaha. yehey. Drug tolerance, though it may be a crime, is good for the health. It is beneficial for all ages and races and walks of life. Please don't be deceived by what the government says about it being illegal. Diet supplements are not only healthy but their side effects are also encouraged. haha labo. Since the plan for tomorrow is now officially dissolved (aww I miss nee. 😦 ), I'm going to watch all the movies enqueued for the rest of my summer extension while cleaning my room and fantasizing about that adamantum hero. Wish Mother Nature decides to change the world tomorrow. Toodles.


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