yes, a second post today. haha. that's how bored/lazy i am. yani, j-hongs (as in dyey-hongs), mae, jhonah and i are going to UP tomorrow to eat isaw. hahaha wth. i'd rather starve than eat isaw…or maybe till they change my mind. i'll drink a box of antiox after eating one. their classes will start next week. sexy lexy and i will school-hop or do whatever during this summer extension or else we'll have to keep ourselves from growing sideways at home. today's the last day of enrollment in UP and i'm heavily giving it up. fiiiiiiilm. 😦

alen got a dose of her daily nude today. everytime i leave the bathroom, she's there to witness it. everytime i sneak into the loo without anything on, she's manages to climb the stairs and open her eyes. haha. yak.

i WAS in the mood to make a list of the dream guy whatnots but heck, why do i still have to do that? haha. i found more things one can do in order to pulverize monotony:

  • paper folding.
  • carpet rolling
  • make to-do-lists but don't do them. you'll get more bored.
  • rummaging through mama's closet
  • ask the magic 8 ball.
  • stare at people who are making their homework. then laugh and say…"buti ka pa may homework. ang boring ng walang pasok!" 😐



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