This sunrise-to-sunset time span has got to be one desert-bound bottomless pit. The after-glow of last night's hilarious crying session SHOULD fade. My eyes are still heavy from drowning while watching x-men 3 and the notebook. haha. I waited till past twelve am for him to wake up. Gaah. I had this losing routine after watching the movie: check the time. check my phone. wipe my tears. stare at the YM! window. hope someone would go online or something. start a meaningless conversation with a random person on my list. end the conversation saying it's time to sleep. rinse, repeat till who-cares-how-many. Up to the moment when I decided he won't wake up, I started gathering all my snoozing paraphernalia: RC, my phone, ipod, comb. Then I slept. Ladidadida. Since I had a hard time pulling myself together, I played Middle Earth's tutorial but Nicki was so greedy that he had to take the PC back. Thanks Nicki. At least now we're talking…but I'm still bored as hell. The running spree has gone and I'm now on my way to Fat Flabber City. Nothing to do. Nothing to tell. Off to boredom damnation.

Need proof that this exists? ask mr.magic 8 ball:

Is he sleeping? You may rely on it.

Are you fooling me? YES. *_* 



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