welcome sweet damnation.

Guess what movies have in common? Discrimination/prejudices, money and yeah, make-out scenes. The first two evidently are the story twisters. The last one's just for spicing up the film. Mierda. Don't let D/P and M kill you, baby. Resources? the notebook, x-3, some disney movie, pride and prejudice plus my mom's whole dvd collection.

13 minutes past 12 and i'm still up for gags. the net's up. no need for me to smash destiny tomorrow. i'm having this habitual girl talk with faye, haha you ARE an angel. pms totally keeps a girl down. mood swings are anchoring all the way (throwing my insides out, maybe).

can anybody please invent a time machine or just a simple clock stopper? ooh i need one. then i'll rush off to some place.

people ARE social animals. haha. evidences can be thrown every single night. smack-dab an hour before the sheep come in, one needs a vent, sponge, toner. angels do exist. oh thank God. haha.

keep me from tearing

and i'll come flying.

why can't i just sleep without minding what will happen next, or what others think, or how i am supposed to do whatever? why can't i just count sheep?

whoops. dad's here.



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