We’re soaring, flying.

`I was supposed to go driving this morning. Thanks, Bed. You kept me dreaming all morning. Why does my family talk to me even though I'm sleeping? Haller. Para naman kasi sasagot ako. Unbelievably true, I do answer them and I always end up waking myself to think about what I've just said. My uber (pronounced as Yuber by Nicki) computer addicted father was telling me that Destiny's down again. Mom was threatening me that they'll leave me. Where are we going? Wala pasyal pasyal lang. Where would that be? Tagaytay? One time they wanted to eat bulalo. They drove all the way from Quezon City to Tagaytay. After eating, we joyrided around the place then went home. haha. sayang gas…I miss those days.

The previous entry was pretty expressive and I'm not planning to do it again. I trust my nee but I don't trust myself. haha. Baka lumagpas ng world peace yun. The vanity pics are here. Who cares, though. haha.


I wish we'd drop by a mall today. My generous Pappy Doodles may possibly give in to my convincing powers. Please give me an upgrade so I can play MEII. hahaha. I should've gone to the salon with mum and trinket dear instead of pathetically blogging this moment. Cosmo lang naman mapapala ko dun eh. hehehe.

Creative ideas? I've got ten. ;))

Ah. Troy from HS Musical is more than supernova hot/cute. omg he was in roomraiders?! i should've cleaned my room. haha. I just stole those pictures so please don't kill me. I miss googling over that hairstyle. haha. Cuties are better :p super short hair=cuuutie=hot. hahaha.


my genius sister almost ruined the day + the family. hahaha. we're not leaving the house this year probably. ugh. a succeeding post got deleted by my great mother dear. whee. nicki's such a life saver. haha. he wants to go to gh to buy noisy guns and xbox/psp games…and watch cars, his newest craze. oh gosh. nothing comes after this day. i have to let it all go now. except for one – he who made this summer/universe come to life. oh i could go on all day hahaha. i wish to be with you more before i go.

the interview's on july 25. 7 am. maybe i'll jump off a cliff on the 24th haha. la di da di da. i'm waiting for my mom to finish her favorite chore – washing the clothes, hanging them, get the picture?

if we're going to build a house, pop would give her a big room full of washing machines and dryers and one big field where she could dry some of the clothes. hahaha. business daw niya yun.

lss. my cherie amor. breaking free. start of something new. and oh. barney's i love you, you love me, we're one happy family. with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you. won't you say you love me too. aww how preppy.not.

TOODLES.fo real.  not really. one more! hahaha. this keeps on getting looonger. ooh.

fine. i take it back. we did leave today. i mean, we left the house but not the car, most of the time. drove to gh but never walked there. went to home depot to buy some never heard movies. i hate this day. wish i saw you, haha. i miss my cutie. šŸ˜¦ maldita sea. hmp.cursing season nga eh hahaha. now i know why i want to cry. dry eye ako. hahaha.

complaints were fired on the two greatest enemies/lovers in town, my parents. ano gagawin ko ng 2 months?! ang boring ah. then came one whirltalk about conditioning myself, studying, sleeping early, other health concerns and more words that got lost in the hollow between my ears. pag punta mo dun, summer. kaya iba climate dun. kick me.

tomorrow's entry might just be another hilarious teen-angst, hormone-driven emotional outburst. ha. lalala. new craze: she wants revenge. oooh yeah. hahaha. i want to fucking tear you apart. hahahaha.plus this: One day, when youth is just a memory…I know, you'll be standing right next to me. šŸ™‚ (jlh. love will show you everything.)

TOODLES.don't even ask.


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