goodbye summer.

Apparently, we've got an hour or two before summer ends. They say endings are only doors to brighter beginnings. Sure. I've written five paragraphs yet either it gets deleted or I delete them on purpose. It seems as if words are too minute for something undeniably colossal. Yes, those two months are only specks in time's age but it did feel like forever.

Feels like graduation again – when you know you might not see for a long time those teary-eyed expressions posted on those unreadable faces, when you know they'll be busy doing something else other than those hw-copying days, late night cramming sessions, crying blues…whatnot, when you know that after this will be another chapter and part of you doesn't want to let go. Haha. this thing might be too late for graduation but what the heck. I feel like pouring.

time time time. grr. maybe i'll continue this. maybe not. argh. hahaha. blogging plus this crazy song playing in my head makes me cry. probably i'm just missing someone and i know we're fighting time and making it stop. i'll miss you. i am missing you. i even made this mistake of turning the volume down that i didn't hear the message thing. sorry. 😦 let's all wish MAY will come back and stop. just like that.

there's no one to talk to right now and heck, i'm feeling very very very heavy. i hate crying. no, really. yey the ardorable nee called. 😀
the song playing in my empty head? "it's the start of something new..feel so right to be here with you." please let me be. hahaha.

toodles. one below:

what the heck. photobucket destroyed it.
i'm bored.again. the demise of that blissful speck in space became the precursor of tonight and tomorrow's undeniable boredom. sheesh. if only i had anything on my to-do list. everything there will either drive my screws loose or drag me to zzz's.

oh i remember.haha. during our first prosec trip, i bought two cards. one is a birthday card, if i'm right. the other is an apologetic card which i bought for my mom but didn't give because we got along shortly right after. talk about coincidence/fate, i HAVE to say sorry to someone.

if i put more and more and more, what will happen to this entry? hmm. haha. my handy dandy lime green notebook is empty. i tore off all the pages. 😐 lalalala.booooring boooooring.(if i say boring, it has this booooring tone.) i'm boooring my eyes onto the screen while my butt is boooring itself to the chair while my mind is boooring its curly gummy parts to some information my body needs while while..uhm… my heart is booooring over a cutie. 😀 the booooring words in the sentence mean:

  1. To make a hole in or through, with or as if with a drill.
  2. To form (a tunnel, for example) by drilling, digging, or burrowing.

but when i say it's so boooooring, it means ennui, listlessness and dissatisfaction resulting from lack of interest. there you go, hoodlums. a new word for BOREDOM, ennui.

i WAS in the mood to rhyme but since the rhyming frenzy dried up with the message, i'm going to go jabber my thoughts here. don't read it. it's freaky. once i swore that the word super is long gone in my vocabulary but i failed. here. i'll try again. super=cool*, divine, glorious, great, groovy*, hot*, incomparable, keen, magnificent, marvelous, matchless, neat, outstanding, peerless, sensational, smashing*, superb, terrific, topnotch, wonderful, ace, admirable, august, best, breathtaking, choice, elegant, elevated, exalted, excellent, exquisite, fab, fine, glorious, gorgeous, grand, greatest, in orbit, lofty, magnificent, majestic, marvelous, matchless, noble, optimal, optimum, outstanding, peerless, prime, proud, rad, resplendent, solid, splendid, splendiferous, splendorous, standout, state-of-the-art*, stunning, sublime, tops, unrivaled, very best, zero cool. hahahaha. yey. i love them all! they look so…splendorous. 😐

maybe i should go to sleep. breathing is starting to burden me haha….and i can't feel my heart beat that strong. grr. we used to have compets on who had the strongest chest sound. lalala. eyes are puffy and gray, too. what's happening? i miss my cutie. 😦 i want to sneeze*_*.
i'm in a crisis: should i watch the corpse bride (and remember the times when we were walking down the sidewalk and you told me the story…) OR play neopets (another puny excuse to escape ennui :D) OR go sleep (to heal and beautify myself. hahahaha).

chant this: trisha, thy cuteness, please come back to thy right mind. oh gods of cutiedity, let trisha come back to sanity and grant her all the wishes she may wisheth.ahem.

TOODLES. oh son of a noodle. the net connection's down.


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