Can you keep a secret?

have i used that title? oh anywho. i'm startled. i'm this || close to being a control freak. trisha come on. just let it be. you're not a goddess or anything. whoops. maybe i am but i've only forgotten, who knows? la di da. did you know that vanity is only a letter away from sanity? yuh huh! if one needs to be vain to be sane, go ahead, people. no one's pulling you back. vanity=ego trip. haha. this is so…splendorous. šŸ˜

got this last monday:

wtf. calone.

the 2:30 AM escapade+2:30 AM after math. that's redundant + royalty ego trip.

oh noodle.

i may have overdone it. not.

father's day is coming and i have a lot of reasons why i so love my pappy doodles. here's one.

trisha: pa, labas lang ako ah?
papa: bat ka pa lalabas, matatapos na to! 20 minutes nalang o. jan ka nalang.
trisha: …
after 3 minutes.
papa: trisha, naiihi na ko.
trisha: …
papa: samahan mo naman ako o?

then he tripped on the way out. hahahahahaha. i soooo adore him. he got those from me. haha.

the noodle. i'm going to sleep within the next 3600 seconds…after taking pictures of my narcissistic self. perchance i will reach the memory card's 64mb limit tonight. ooh.

okay i'm off the topic but who cares? haha. err… i kept a secret not for long and i'm now thinking of someone keeping one too. heck don't think don't think. la di da. wehew. one more thing i'm afraid of: not being able to trust other people. i'm running back in circles. lalalala-alalalal.

hastening the WP(world peace) process won't make it less useful. in fact, it will only make my stay last longer. aww. hahahaha. i mish my needoodlepoo. we have to linger and stick to the whoopies for now. can't wait till our b-day comes. hahahaha.

toodle-oos! b stands for bliss, if you care.


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