attention:no classes.

wth. i used to love having no classes. take note: useD to. right now, it's like ennui disintegrates my thoughts and yes, probably my once bright and bubbly disposition in life. we're going out on a lunch trip tomorrow pala. hahaha. thanks lex for saving me from this bottomless pit. i miss high school and its crazy little antics.

i'm going nuts as in maaad nuts. can someone please scrape all my skin off? waaaaaagoosaljfaojrawweirhaksbfalkdfjh. read that. hahaha. we urgently need to get out of this house. this filthy place kills people then turns them into nut cracking, poo-stomping, green or blue (we still have variety, you know) freakazoids.! yes! plenty of people died here! lalalala. that wasn't me. holy sheep. okay. i reaaaaally need someone to scrape my skin off. alcohol won't dissolve my skin. i need acid. ACIIID.

waking 2 hours early does turn people into maniacs. i need acid. please.ugh. i just put alcohol on my right eye. isn't that groovy?what the heckish. i'm talking nonsense.

oh look. sheep. baa. baa. baa.

NAKAKAPIKON. my 1000points in jelly blobs of doom went outerspace. Ngarrr. it's goooone. forever!!! pulverize destiny. noooow. right now, ennui is cloaking my room. okay. that's kinda freakeh. ngarr. wanna get lost? i do. hahahaha.

welcome to wonderland, where all your dreams come true…after four to five years, perhaps. :p

toodles. jelly blobs are calling me. *_* 


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