ma's pa's and trina's voices woke me up. ugh. first note to self: never listen to what trina's saying.that backstabber. then i tried lifting my head up. ooch. second note to self: never leave the fan on without a blankie. my noodle coconut is throbbing. ngarr. the cure? ha. neeneeneeneenee. third note to self: make sure there's that daily heaping of nee loving. hahaha.

instead of typing here, i should be showering and whatnot hehehermmm but daddyo's still in the tub. we're going out to lunch. pizza lunch or japanese or whatever they like lunch. isaw?! probably nothing after that, let's hope not. haha. ano naman kasi gagawin sa ever? ooh. chicahan. hahaha. i'd then try to tail mother dear…if she's still here by that time. they're all leaving and i have no idea whom to watch. oh nickiiii. haha. yikes.

if and then: if this is an ordinary school day… then i might not be home till midnight.

if i am in the tub right now… then i'm not here typing.

if trina's such a doll… then the whole universe will crumble.

if only my hair is nicer… then there's no need to think.

if people were more considerate in giving massages… then life would be more laid back.

if a mountain… of ice cream, jellyace, dried mangoes, cheesecakes, apples, fruit salad, biscuits, sushi, squid flakes, chocolates, toffee, triple chocolate coated gremlins, honey glazed oompa loompas and sheep …is in front of me… i'd devour it. …in less than a day. …an hour perhaps? ooh.

if there's one doctor who can give the whole world (or me) the cure, any antidote for any sickness… then there'd be world peace. (check). haha.

if someone will scrape my skin off… then i'd be thankful.

update this later. i'm off to some wetland. the tub. toodles.

jhonah came here then pop drove us to royale place (it's a mall daw). we met lexi there. she has been waiting since the beginning of dawn haha yak. ang kulit. the topics were mostly related to college and high school. the people from high school and their new colleges, to be precise. matalino raw ang batch kaya marami sa UP. mwahahaha. they were made me feel guilty because i'm leaving haha. it's as if i can control that part. haha. mae bought books for college. she's now a thomasian taking up educ. pano pa kaya mga tuturuan mo mae?! kawawa naman. hahahaha. she was late – as in it's-the-end-of-the-world late. we texted her to come. tamad! haha.

mae: san ba yan? me: sa tapat ng ever. alam mo yung shell? direcho dun yung royale place.
after 10 mins.
mae: malayo ba yan sa overpass?
me: nde. sa may ever lang nga.
mae: matagal pa ba kayo jan? baka wala na ko madatnan ah?
me: nde noh. san ka na ba? come on! tara tara!!
mae: nasa fcm. ang traffic traffic!
me: haha dalian mo!
mae: kung malakas lang ako tinapon ko na tong mga kotse eh!
me: hahahahahaha
me: san ka na?
mae: tagal pa ba kayo? traffic talaga eh. baka pagpunta ko jan wala na kayo. chaka wala ko dala pera ah!!
me: mae naman!
mae: dito na!

i so love mae. she's hilary. hilarious. corny. haha. after waiting for mae finish her pizza, lexi wanted to try some isaw. hmmhmm! she ate one stick. not bad lex. :p i can't believe she ate one whole balot when she was young-er. hahaha. by 5 pm, mae had to run to… her cousin. how many cousins does she have anyway?! so lexi went home; jhonah mae and i trotted off. they were walking under the umbrella's graceful shade while i texted and poured my isaw-like emotions behind them. haha. i need the sun. ❤

mae demanded that we take the long way because she needs chaperones. hahaha. sure why not. galit pa ata. hahaha. love you mae. jhonah and i lingered in gcom (everg. ugh.haha) to wait for jhonamona's pics. why are the outfits in the dept store so small? haha. hbc's nice but that weird japanese store is nicer. hehehe. the things were all for P88?! like..uhm..that's not cheap but that isn't expensive, either. i didn't want to buy anything since i don't want to get a lower denomination/change on my last bill. hahaha. i forgot to bring change, of all the things. jhonah's such a good friend and counselor. muahaha. nee must've paid her. she explained and changed my mind.lalalala.

accept the facts, girl. you're leaving. hahahahaha. shoot. i miss high school.

these freak attacks are revisiting more frequently, and i guess i'll have to get used to it. some noodle-brained chipmunk person invaded my personal space a while ago. she even messed my room and used my eyemask, too. maybe she even meddled with my camera. whoops. ngarr. la di da. tomorrow's pappy doodles' day. maybe he's in the mood to give away some bread. hmmhmm.

i miss the outside world. i miss needoodlepoo. toodles.


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