no substance, just small talk.

this just in: i've got less than a month to make the most of everything. mom told me we'll leave on the second week of august. i initially assumed that since the latest orientation date is on the 20th, we'll leave here like 2 to 5 days before that. she wants to come back on or before pappy doodle's birthday. just when i feel so close with my family, i have to go fly somewhere else to study some 10111011's and buy them all their bilins while washing dishes and being a self-proclaimed cinderella. oh come on. this is yet another pathetic attempt to keep my stand against living alone. not in a creepy quiet alone "alone" but in a way that i'm far from the people i'm "at home" with. they're still my relatives. duh. when we were kids, we nagged mom to sleep in their house in pasay, then makati. they're so fun. the difference between then and now is something bigger than time. we've changed, and heck, i have responsibilities now. magic 8 ball, pupunta ba ko states? —yes, definitely. šŸ˜ la di da. cut the drama. haha.
congratulations to trina and condolences to her pc which is now equipped with wireless g. in the snore vs pc fan match, the snore won. it was a close fight. 8-7! the snore must have practiced every night.
i enjoyed/loved/cherished/whatever mushy word fits every moment i spent with my needoodlepoo. haha. the hugs are more than super. teasing whoopies are fun. lol.
i'll burn dvdr+s later so that i'd be able to delete and download more. mwahaha…then i'll buy more dvds. i lost the change a while ago. hahaha. barya na nga lang nawala pa. mum and pop like panic! nicki likes to pop juices in the grocery and leave them to rot. haha meanie.

lss. sun of a gun. imation addiction. clouds in my coffee. try to have the cake and eat it, too. toodles. maybe later, maybe not.


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