pop bought cars, finally. my chronic attitude of staying up late to drop my heavy heart balloons of the day. haha. i'm listening to cauterize's shooting stars. it's from eurotrip. okay think grim, gloomy and gone. ugh. people shouldn't be listening to songs like these. they retain the bad feeling even after the song has long faded…but i like it. haha.
speaking of stars, i got too caught in the drama that i forgot to tell someone why become the wish come true. i'm not going to post it here, of course. why would i? haha. rather tell it to his face than let his face see it on some screen.

lalala. alcohol, burn thy skin. haha. grr. i can't wait to wake up in less than 7 hours. yeah. bigger eyebags. ugh. i need sleeping pills or some person who'll whack me on the head to give me an automatic snooze-athon. hmmhmm. lol. just needed to write that's all. wish pop's going to let me buy a new memcard reader, dvdr+'s,cdr's,webcaaam, oh and new glasses. ghghghghghgh. haha. toodlesoh the noodle. pop doesn't want to go to  gh. he wants to go to SM!!! talk about yuckiness?  he thinks there are more people in greenhills than in sm.  they don't like to wait for long parking  lines. haha. we're going to hear mass in  UP. (he told me that. what a miracle huh?) he'd probably do something to save his soul from redemption. haha joke.  this left leg has been numbing me since last night. oh i wish we could go somewhere with this. trina wants to buy some things for her lab box like that oldschool hairnet. this space bar is going nuts. we can buy a dvdr anywhere daw. fine. wait till i tell you that i broke the memory card reader too. hahaha.

so much for having hands that can break ALMOST anything. haha.  if the magic 8 ball still wants to see the light of day, it will surely tell me the truth. seems it won't haha. told me i don't need a bath; we will go to gh; i will NOT be able to buy dvdrs. but then i take that back. mwahaha. it gave on adamantine answer: YES. oh sure why not. gotta bounce. my turn to party. toodles.


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