Snappy (title requested by nicki)

Narcissism caught me by the hand. Ha. What i thought was an infection proved to be just a simple rash. At least it sounds better. haha.

Dad thought I went to the doctor concerning my anemia. Am I that predictable? I went to the derma. Hahaha. I say Kuya Ryan (if that's his name). We see each other in odd places. (see as in you get a glimpse of something then walk away) At least he doesn't recognize me or that's what I think. A second glance is enough, right? Try taking two more. Haha. He's our dear old far away neighbor. I reckon he's now a nurse working in medical city. Durh.

On the way to the hospital, I got into the picture-taking frenzy. Mom, as usual, reprimanded my vanity.

Ma: Ano ba yan. Kanina ka pa nakatawa sa telepono mo.
Me: O sige, hindi na ko tatawa. šŸ˜

Don't worry mother dear, somehow someday this will pay off. haha. I'm currently waiting for someone to finish their homework. The trip back home gave me ideas. hmmhmmhmm. I once bought this skirt and never wore it. It has a ribbon thing that makes the skirt soooo small. The hip part fits my waist. Ugh. So, instead of throwing away bread, I'd butter it up and remove the ribbon. yey. Then, something dawns onto me: what if I destroy it? that's the point, right? haha.



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