Visiting the college's site made my stomach lurch. Classes start on Aug. 28. (that's 68 days from now.) Orientations are scheduled earlier. We leave a week before orientations start. Final exams are scheduled on Dec. 11-17. One should pick their courses according to the corresponding scheduled exams. That's our last day too. Maybe I should start studying. I will. Gotta go. A 256-page manual awaits my eyes. Toodles.

Nimbus clouds hover above the planes and hills. Mediocre clouds surround my hairy head. Why can't we talk like before? Things change. Pasukan na people. I am stuck at page 44 of the college handbook and my back hurts. This ever reliable left eye is itchy. The other eye blurs my vision all the time. Obviously, whining won't make things better…but this will:

.ilovemyneemorethanever.!!! hahaha šŸ˜€ that <<<—<< keeps me happy. :p toodles.


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