Happy Strategy. Fun Tactics.

*crosses fingers* please say YES. please say YES.*gives out an ear-to-ear smile then winks*

I am waiting for my mother dearest's approval. That would pertain to whether I'm going somewhere tomorrow or I'm staying here to rot within the four walls of my green-walled, wood-paneled old sucky room. It sucks. Big time. Even if she'll allow me for only 3600 seconds and in return i have to scan a room of modules for only one single day, I'll take the deal. Plllleeeaaase let me go tomorrow. haha.

This room is weird, or is it just me? It's warm and sunny outside but it feels airconditioned. It's forking cold, dude. Is something possessing me? hrmm. My digestive system feels odd too. haha. it doesn't want to churn good food, however, it likes OHEYA!

*rhyming* oh mom please say yes. don't worry in the future i will do my best. please say yes. *hahaha*

Here's a to-buy/-do/whatnot list while waiting 2-3 hours for daddyo tomorrow:

  • memcard reader
  • webbie
  • dvd+r (if this doesn't get fixed.)
  • glasses
  • skirtieskirt
  • slippers/whatnot

mom flashed the detour sign. pappy doodles, please say yes. hmmhmm!!

maybe i should go shopping there, not here? haha. father darling, please say yesss. i'll even do mrs. bernardino's requests if you say yes. haha. of course i will. la di da. i must sound too desperate…i'm not. i am not. haha. in cases like these, one MUST be. I AM. I AM. okay mommy's here. gotta go show her i'm ready to do anything today. off to the tub. haha. toodles.

SHE SHOULD LET ME. hahahaha. News update: Devry saved a seat for me. hahahahaha. omgash?! their classes start on july 10. it's june 22. that's roughly 3 weeks from now. the embassy probably won't give me my visa by that time. ugh. mother dearest should've given birth there. haha. Yey mother dearest said we'll go to LTO next week to get my student's driving permit. I have this heart on my hand and it's so adooorable just like my needoodlepoooh. someone must have showered hyper-rain today. we're buzzing. hmmhmm. i'm hungry. again.  toodles šŸ˜€


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