what do you call a person who doesn't know what "tba" means?DON'T READ THE FIRST PARAGRAPH. IT WILL MAKE YOU SLEEP. I SWEAR.

    the heavy sleepy feeling woke me and dragged me back to sleep two hours later than my scheduled waking time. i had a happy bath but the eye mask got into my brain and i dozed off again while listening to MD talk with someone over the phone. she asked ordered (haha) to get her resume printed. So, I did. Knowing that I'm leaving in a few hours, I still hesitated to prepare my "things". MD and her heated coconut asked where i'm going and how i'll get there. I assumed she'll take me there but i got that part wrong with a capital W. To make the long story short, we went to Tito Dodo's a-MAZE-ing house where she got interviewed and accepted. Since their interview took forever to finish, Tito Dodo (and family) drove me to Katipunan where Kuya Joel hailed a cab for me. The cab driver was so talkative that I didn't notice the time and the traffic (except when we got to annapolis). la di da. I am late. uuuuuber late. hahaha.

    Drank some fruit magic strawberry mango shake. Met with Ardo. Met his Mom. šŸ˜€ haha. I didn't know what to say so i just kept smiling all the time. hahaha bobo. Watched tokyo drift. had fun. waited in fully booked for mother dear. bought mozart's women. walked the opposite side of prome. walked again. stalker alert. MD alert. ortigas, here we come. kiddo land. starbucks. saw karla and dm. went home. NEOPETSNEOPETS.

lalala. i'm bored and hungry. not in the mood to blog. i just blabbered for the sake of blabbering. haha. i need substance. maybe later. maybe never. (i will never ever say never to blogging. that's what i promised nee. hehe) toodles.


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