black pearls and red tees.

At least five garments went out of my cabinet this morning for fitting. I really want to go out and see my nee or just go out and shop. I need a new clothing line. haha. I took a happy bath, tried on happy clothes, fixed my happy hair, transferred my happy things from one happy bag to another, waited happily for them to arrive while playing happy neopets. what makes these happy things so sad is that we're NOT going anywhere. as usual, my antisocial father, the bum king, wants to sit on his throne, play computer all day long and yeah, drink coke. sure, I'm also guilty for making the maid buy coke for lunch but what the heck. Why is he punishing us for his inate ability to sit and smoke and slaughter virtual enemies all day. We do have that ability (minus the smoking part) but we, my brother, sister and I, do not plan to have bigger butts (but sometimes I wish I have a bigger one. haha).

The three N's have saved the day once more. Nee, nee, yes you've guessed that one right, nee. HAHA. In neopets, I'm currently losing in the Battledome versus Megan. nyahaha. great. So this is why I got all primmed up…NEOPETS. heeeck. Trina's off to party. Mommy dear's out to work. Nicki's downstairs to play. ugh. i'm having fun listening to …"like shooting stars we shine and then we fade…" okay. i'll stay here as long as fd wants to go somewhere other than stay in the car and drive. toodles.


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