the big pink pen

They say the mall of asia is full of people. IT IS!!!

We went back to stroll and do whatever. Trina and Nicki bought Mogu pillows – the new snappy. nyahaha. I got a webcam! mwahaha. Now's the time to make scandals. Mwahahahaha. We ate at healthy shabu shabu. PD ordered too much. AGAIN. I ate more than twice my stomach can handle. Trina ate thrice. haha. The noodles were good (but the whoopies we have are even better. And heck, maybe the next best thing is the caveman finding its cave, huh?). Anyway, after eating, we strolled along then went to hypermart. MD chatted with Ninang Mia there. Swimming this Thursday!!! YEY!

I baby-sitted nicki while shopping. haha. If there's a certification in baby-sitting, I will probably be at the bottom of the people-who-failed list. We lost Nicki twice…in the grocery. The count outside hypermart's another story. He's just too hyper inside hypermart. What can you expect?!

My speakers are currently in the mental hospital where they shall be treated by Nurse Kiki (trina). When we were kids, Trina and I played doctor doctor and the nurse's name's always Nurse Kiki. If she's a real nurse, she should look like the one you'll see in porn sites or magazines wearing her white uniform three sizes smaller plus those red plump lips and heck, that blond do. HAHAHA. There's a catch. She has a brain the size of a mongo bean and a voice squeakier than a mouse's squeals. Yuck. Speaking of a mouse, our maid saw a rat struggling in one plastic bag behind my computer table. That's just gross. Connecting gross, this big pink pen will NEVER, I tell you, EVER enter a room smaller/thinner than its tip. It can only touch non living things. Surely we all had prep lessons in differentiating living things from non living ones.

My cousins and my aunt might visit the Philippines this Christmas vacation. They'll leave me there. MD, please save me from the wretched boredom the 15750 house has to offer. please mother, I beg you. hahaha. yuck, who can ever bear this level of junk humor?! It's 11:44! what a nice time to sign off. Toodles. I know you know what makes my world go round and my day go bright.


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