Limelight Blues.

There's a reason why driving schools are so expensive. They also need to put their teachers on anger management.

Nicki woke me up today. "Trisha, gising na. ang bagal mo matulog." he failed to release me from slumber. after the dream I woke up anyway. Mom told me we'll be going to the doctor so I took a bath and dressed up. She ym-ed me and told me I'll be the one to drive. Wuhoo. Mas mabilis pa sa alas kwatro. Driving is their desperate attempt to get me off the bed before lunch. haha. I changed my shoes and waited for my turn to hold the wheel. A few bumbs didn't hurt. The seat was positioned at its closest to the steering wheel, and I was leaning forward to reach the brakes. haha. There was one turn where a tricycle and some car were double parked at the corner. I braked but I thought the car would stop and there was another car behind us so I stepped on gas. She went ballistic. ANO KA BA?! MATATAMAAN MO NA YUNG TRICYCLE! MAGAGASGASAN PA TONG KOTSE! I was driving the Focus at that time so she was extra cautious. After a few more seat exchanges, she ended it. hahaha. 2 PM struck and Nicki went out of the school. After bringing him home, we commuted to Shang. MD saw the Haagen Dasz chocolate cake.

MD: ang sarap niyang cake na yan!
ME: o talaga? nakakain ka na?
MD: hindi pa. muka lang masarap. 😐

then Father Dear picked us up to go to Medical City. The ophthalmologist was laughing because I should've worn my glasses ALL THE TIME. ehhh. My right eye went a grade higher.It's now 175 with -75 or somethin astigmatism. what can i say, astig eh. haha corny. My left is fine, thank God. She said wearing make up can also damage my eyes. okay, guilty. She also said I should get two pairs of glasses. YEY, more for fashion. haha. Mom and Dad consulted the derma. Don't tell me I'm vain. I got that from them. 😀

Slept the way home. Now I'm worried I haven't done all the medicated stuff yet. I'm not going to die, am I? PD made me double my gluta dose. As if he's my doctor. hahaha. We'll come back next week and sometime this week to get my check up. AGAIN. cool.


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