This is just a dream. I tell myself. I’m just dreaming and nothing happened. I promised then broke it the next minute. What the heck is happening? I’m so sorry. It won’t happen ever again. As in never ever. The provocation won’t possibly present itself within the next few months or years. Tita Daisy brought the Mtsac papers this morning. MD’s excited. I’m like -_- ‘ugh, okay. greeeat. i don’t know how to react’.

I’m dreaming. lalala. sheep will come and sheep will go but new sheep will come anyway. lalala.

Lifehouse isn’t making things better. I’m not in the mood for anything but make my nee happy. oh come one come all. i’m missing him and he’s disappointed. sorry, nee 😦


this isn’t getting any better. neopets. mozart’s women. jet audio. staring at the monitor. rocking the chair. eye drops. tears tears. neopets. type then delete. tears tears. neopets.

fine. i can’t help pouring it out. i know i’m wrong okay? it’s my fault and i don’t know how to make it up to you. the cr’s taken at the moment, so kubetacore’s kind of postponed till my dad comes out. the phone’s back in its humble place; the screen is blurry; my feet are wet from the stream coming from my face; my nose is clogged; i’m freaking hungry but the night’s not for eating; lss on panic!; no need for the eye drops because my eyes are dropping. have a sense of rationality. sos, the girls my mother dear likes when we were still kids, makes me cry. ahaha. golly. it makes me want to hug him but i know i can’t right now. the light’s still on but i’m having this emotional rush again. haha. dang. why did i have to do what i did? the spongebob face towel came to the rescue. ugh. it’s not enough, spongie. is it the cold or the stone treatment? i’m not sure which but i hope you’d pick neither. feels like i want to become a wall or something so that i won’t leak tears. can we please go back to normal? i miss having you around. i know i disappointed you. i’m sorry. 😦

i wish i can hug you and tell you how i’m sorry.i really am. toodles.


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