Treasure hunting

Bet you can’t find any other eight year old who lies about being bullied in school, having a headache AND getting too stressed out. Nicki’s the bomb.

He ran to my bed then mother dear sat beside him. She asked him why the bad look on his face. Then, he started pouring out and telling us things like..”inaaway ako ni tj!” though tj, his classmate, is long gone from the school. ugh nicki. he told the maid he was having a headache too. mom gave into his drama and let him stay at home.

nicki wanted to have his own ym account. he tailed and nagged and pulled me just to help him make one. fine. the whole afternoon was spent on chatting with him even though he’s just a floor away.

anyway, the sewing machine got its big debut today. it can now sew! haha. i tried revamping trina’s undergarment but it ended up in the trashcan instead. ssshh! so, i decided to try wasting more cloth and electricity and thread. i made this circular bag; however, it can’t hold anything other than a coin purse. it’s so small. so much for a first try on that style. haha.

i’ll post pictures later of what happened during the day/night. this violet bag in mama’s closet, as i’ve found out, is full of makeup. unused, brand new, branded, heck-i-want-them-all kind of makeup. so that’s where all my JA light-moving products came from. mwahaha.

pardon my vanity.

the bag

above: the bag. below: mom’s makeup stash.

whatnots. another day, another month shall pass. let’s all make July last. please? toodles.


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