mom’s addicted to SM malls and supermarkets. *_*

the long posts have suddenly gone off to christmas island for vacation. short posts are filling in for the moment. another week’s going to start. the blueberry photo album’s getting tossed into the oven too, just like the new layout for jhonahmona’s multiply and some new ideas for public layouts. yes, let’s give it away for the whole wide world to feast on.

i miss having arguments aside from the ones i daily encounter with my mom and dad. haha. freaky. call me anything you like but i’m not moving from this seat until i finish doing something…anything productive. ha. i’m too lazy to grab my food downstairs. dad ate my sansrival so i’m eating ruffles instead. this is going to my arms. hahaha.

oh well. look for the sandiwa flash pics here: http://patam.bravehost.com/



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