4:40: THEY should take pee breaks more often. These force me to shut the computer properly, stand up, jump onto the bed and pretend i’m sleeping till i actually am. taking into consideration that this is the first night both parents caught me awake since june, my reflexes have gone stiff. fine. it’s hard to resist online shopping.hahaha. an idea goes as fast as an idea comes. my bones are making hard popping sounds due to a severe lack of body movements and one nasty batibot chair. it’s already 5 am. i’ve got 7 hours till noon yet i can’t sleep. i’m to excited to get that bling. hahaha. after that one, maybe i’ll buy another…and another…and another…get the picture? i’m done with tonight.

19:14: These glasses are irritating my noooose. it feels like there’s some bug or something. i look like some 80s geek too. one way or another, i’m going to make them buy me contacts. it’s cheaper than these raymond weil spects. ugh. later would be another quest to make me sleep. maybe it’s because i’m too preoccupied in wondering why i can’t see you anymore. lalala. this morning in order to sleep, i imagined you hugging me. haha when i imagined what i look like, i forgot how i look and how my face goes. -_- i even had to take a picture to see myself. hahaha. vanity is forgotten when i am begotten. mwahaha. wth does that mean.

i miss nee, that’s all i can say (after all that gunk up there. hahaha.) šŸ˜ toodles.


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