you can breathe now

this morning, i had an idea what to put here: the cereal experience. it’s kind of long so i’m now putting another light on what happened today. woke up pretty early and talked with nee. the buttered bread was yummy cause i made it. hahahaha. anyway, mom made me dress up so fast that i forgot to fix my things properly. they’re still messed up till now. haha. i left the house a tad earlier than the expected departure time. i met up with ardo at mcdo where ivan(is spelling right? haha), his music groupmate, was there too. they ate, well, nee ate multiple sandwiches, while waiting for their other groupmates. my bet was that the others weren’t coming. hahaha. we finally got tired of staring at each other so we played dota. hahaha. the way to 168 was wet and muddy. i was only wearing slippers and sheesh, i ended up with dirt studded feet. the drizzle became rain and the rain became a shower. hahaha. whatta game. ramon arrived just in time to end our losing game. we had another match and lost again hahaha. then we had lunch at mcdo and went to the condo to practice their music project. tuwing umuulan by eheads. haha. ano to opera and metal and kantong lasingan in one? joke lang. they sounded nice naman eh. hahaha.

after that, we watched looney tunes and listened to panic and played psp and other games. haha. then, then… we got a glimpse of what world peace was like. aww that was more than [insert best possible word].

i felt more than happy today even though one reason i wasn’t able to sleep at once last night was this. it’s bothering us but i’m positive it won’t possibly happen in the next 1400+- days. jack’s mannequin is white. haha labo. “we are made for each other; is it possible for the world to look this way forever… You waited for me in the rain in the parking lot. don’t mind that. i’m just touched. toodles.


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