early birdy

it’s 7:11 in the morning and i’m up and awake and bouncing off to mayhem. nyahaha. rise and shine suckers coz there’s no shine in resting on your hineys. lol. wth am i talking about?

oh well. check the new ipod bling. no shiny studs or anything. it matches what i’m wearing right now actually.


soooo. yes, that’s pretty much the package. you get to strip the ipod every time you want to hear something. cool eh? this is the first time i’m going to endorse products or whatsoever here so i’m making the most of it.

see them? they’re all sheep. they’re all going to heaven. beat that? err haha. freaky sheep. -_- i’m losing my mind because they are the only things that keep this darn computer alive. nyahaha.

do you know the song halo? okay. nee mentioned it on one of our conversations and now it’s stuck to my head like some mighty bond freak got loose. i’m looking up tech reviews and products. rather not sell them here. i won’t get commission anyway. hahaha. i miss having the ps2 around. if it’s still here (and my mom hasn’t sold it for a peso coin as a package deal with all the controllers and games and multitap and memory cards and my hard earned memory 😦 ) i would be playing it all day. oh well. the 360’s are to be disposed of – pronto. their humble presence will influence us all to buy more electronics and destroy them after a week of exploration and manual reading then stock them here.

try the mcafee virus scan. it scans viruses. that’s all. effing retarded program. it can’t delete my precious pc’s pests. (haha! ppp!!!) oh oh… here’s the day’s movie list: casanova; ice age 2; scary movie 4; underworld evolution…errr…that’s not enough to keep me alive today but oh well. i guess i’ll have to compromise. haha wth am i talking about again? i need food. im hungreeeh. i need needooodooooy to top it all. mwahaha. toodles.here’s the sych?whatever. my reproductive organ’s going haywire and maybe hell’s breaking loose or something. i’m sitting here wondering what to do with jhonahmona’s multiply layout but there’s this exclamation point distracting me. the big box beside me is infected. virus, trojan, worm…you name it. heck i don’t know. my instincts are telling me to make backups before anything else…and then uninstall everything. after that… reinstall them again. (minus the virus, plus the antivirus, and security programs and other utilities. how stupid do you think i can get?) today has been pretty much educational. Cosmetics are cancerous. Phthalates, an ingredient, causes early puberty on girls and decreases sperm count on boys and a whole lot more. Sooo i discovered street fashion. whatta dumb nut. it’s nice and wild and colorful and yeah, cartoony. i like looking at it but i guess i won’t look that good in it. what am i, anime? sheesh. hansel milk sandwiches taste good the first bite but it isn’t a good match with pancit canton extra hot and spicy with calamansi. 😀 disgusting. casanova’s sexy. hahaha. e story line had a lot of twists. it was still unpredictable though. oh well. at least they had a rain scene. mwahaha. ice age 2 is soooo funny. it gave me a good laugh..ssss. the thing with sid and the little sloths are soooo adorable!! hahaha food oh glorious food. i hate and love srat? the squirrel/rat. lol. he’s effing stupid. he should’ve gone extinct cause i have his cousin in my room and it freaks us out every time. good thing the maid killed it.

there’s no water even if it’s raining hard right now. as in noooow. i want to take a bath. hahahaha. oh well. more later if i’m not yet unbored. haha. poor eyes. toodles.


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