nights are long.

AVG + Mcaffee < Virus = Nothing.

as you can see, avg and mcafee are great but this certain virus nagging me on my upper right screen is GREATER. *evil laugh*. err okay. someone please help me reformat this damned pc.

Call me a freak or some religious hypocrite but you’re an equal, human. i’m trying hard to get it back. mwahaha.(that evil laugh seems to have gotten the best of me)

Dear God,

Is there any way to thank you? I know most of the time I’m better in asking something than thanking and being sorry for the other things. That’s not good. It’s too selfish. At least I’ve learned that all you need is the truth and nothing else to cover it. Just that. It’s different when I say it and when I leak it (through tears, darlings) and when I write it down. This is just to let my heavy feelings go. Thanks for bearing with me and giving me enough heart not to go bang my head onto the wall or something. Thanks for making the swisscard, safety pins, cutter, dressmaker’s pins and err ballpen caps disappear. Thanks for giving me this room for me to go crazy and emo and high and whatnot. Thanks, God, for giving me food. Thanks for all the small and little and “normal” things that made it all seem so big. For giving me my family and friends, thank You too. I’m not going to die yet am I? haha. Thanks God. Thanks for giving me someone to turn to, with whatever it is that had happened, most of all. You gave me a pat on the back, a crack on the neck and one big hug and most of all, my ardorable nee. can’t get enough, huh? Dear God…I’m writing to you because I know you’ll be able to read it through the eyes of other people. at least that’s what i believe in. you’re in everyone of us. I believe in something more than this. You know what I mean. No worries now. It’s all for world peace. Amen. šŸ˜€

i tend to magnify small specks of dramatic dust with my “monacle”. it’s the all seeing eye.

this is one ordinary flowy day since i’m not really affected with the “no classes till friday virus”. i really thought it’s tuesday today. *-* haha googly eyed nicki wants to plaaay. i’ll clean the room and the computer in a while.toodles.


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