Don’t walk away. Run along.

Want to have sex without commitment? Find out now.” – that popped in front of me 3 seconds ago from some spanking adult friend finder ad that found its way to my computer (cause my dad uninstalled all my security utilities and i got this crack uncracked and then the gates of hell opened up and yeah there they went out to party. ugh.)

That one’s just so sad and pathetic. Commiserating on them won’t keep me alive, would it? Nothing beats controversy. Why are we all created with egos? (that three letter word can kill, mind you.) To keep us away from fugly old men who want to jingle their jangle? hack it out, misters. To keep people fighting for “what is right”. booeey. Who knows, exactly? Stand your ground but make sure it’s not shaking cause you might just fall for your own trick. Oh and yes, innocent people are not to be harmed. haha labooo.
I’m excited to run and do whatever later even if it’s flowing like Florita. I need some firming done. hahaha. Golly. I look like a deado veggo from all the sitting and lying around for weeks and weeks eternal.

TTDL: things to do later:

  • exert some effort you noodle.—>woke up late so the mood’s gone. ugh.–>maybe when i’m watching dibidis. hmm.
  • create jhonah’s banner. that’d be fun. hahahaha.
  • start Solitary Confinement
  • finish watching DVDS
  • read whatnots left
  • foot spaaa
  • facial saunaaa
  • get a massage šŸ˜€
  • sleeeeeeeeeeeep.
  • do more.

As much as I hate to say this, I know I have to cause I feel like I want to. nyahaha.

nananananana. MAY PASOK NA KAYONG LAHAT. bleeeh. :p

Wala lang. *_* If I’m in the mood to cook, I’ll cook instant noodles. wahaha. or i’ll ask for some carbonara to match the leftover pizza and hmm some garlic bread or some french toast plus a capuccino with vanilla or hazel cream. maybe i’ll play with daddyo’s espresso machine. it looks …black. mwahahaha. love the bean grinding part though. i’ll do that. i need nutmeg and cinnamon for capuccino nga pala. omgash. gcooom. euro lunch to go. okay. my tummy’s rumbling.

I have a big bruise on my ankle… it’s on my anklebone. the whole bone’s bruised, if i may say. wonder where i got that. hmp. these flower paper pins are sooo cute…plus nicki’s “oh” picture. almost forgot where i bought them, though. hahaha. remember nbs.

better bounce than blog cause something in my head’s telling me…”oh ibblog mo na naman?!” that sounds so tragic. i’m not going to use this as my airpipe or pincushion anymore cause it is and it does look pitiful. or maybe it’s so enviable. hahahaha. kidding aside…slap it on. toodles.


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