Picture Heavy.Don’t Even Ask.

i’m hungry. that’s usual enough. let’s talk nonsense to get this over with. bollocks is the new noodle. it can be used in any expression like…mom’s not bollocking home again. dad doesn’t want to go shop. bollocks. whatever.

woke up extra early for something i’m not sure of. oh guess what? they left an hour ago. oh goody bolloooocks. haha. better read something to put something here.did you know that not eating enough fat will make you gain more weight? yes that’s true. Why? The good fat satisfies our daily cravings and makes us feel full so we won’t have to eat more. That’s why health conscious people drink coconut oil before/while eating. The body digests the oil first since the lipids are smaller and simpler than the normal food.

That’s all. One more thing. If nothing good comes out in less than 24 hours, I’m watching the telly, full stop. Mom doesn’t want my hair anymore. haha. She’s making me get a cut tomorrow. oh shucks.

Here’s cause I miss highschool.

just something out of the topic.

mae’s a he here. haha.

go mae. pursue your dreams.

err. jhonah’s doing something. help meeeh.

i miss thiiiis.

frio buddies/neighbors.

mae. need i say more?

same with reina.

more with mae

divi trip cause we had to.

divi trips. camera frenzy.

look at thaaat.

omg. it’s the gulaman.

sugar high. blame goldilocks. sue them.



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