pins and needles.

For some reason I don’t want to think about, I really thought that today’s tuesdaaay. But nu uh, it’s mondeeeh and Garfield hates mondays. Who doesn’t? Had one weird dream. Sleep texted again. Mae’s fault. ahaha. There’s something with Monday that makes my stomach churn. I’m going to sew. again. hahaha.

I have 8 days to prepare for my interview. *crazy music dum dum dumdum* Cross your fingers and wish me luck. My future depends on it. hahaha. Before that, there’s Jhong’s party. It’s her debut! happy birthday joaaaan!!! It’s on saturday…and i’m looking for happy activities on friday. Come on, there’s no more time left and my day and night life’s going bust. what’s happening? prelims of my batchmates, i guess. add the surprisingly unsurprising bursts of cloud squirts aaaand the absence of my daily allowance. that’s gonna hurt. hahaha.

i thought i had been spending a lot since most of my moolah was gone but nu uh. mom still has the other half. wahoooo. *doing the finger dance* i’m gonna go shopping. tihee.

come on people. where has my famed adventure buddy gone? she’s studying right now. she’s a million miles away from this wretched land. she’s jen’s angeeeel. ooh. hahaha. faye, wait for me. i’ll come drivin past sanfo. wahaha. joking. i don’t even know how to change gears yet without panicking. hahaha.

i want that pinafore designed for fall…and those cuuute controller earrings. nyarr. mom’s not around to buy me stuff so i’m going to get them myself. tomorrow’s the day. wednesday too. maybe thursday i can spend some bread…and friday too. haha. yey.

okay. gotta stitch cause i want to do something productive. šŸ˜€ toodles.


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