frustration be gone.

Now i know how to use the atm. hahahahaha. there’s a fiorucci outlet in megamall omgash. that brand must’ve been with me since my nene days. hahaha. i’m not sure but that bag’s still here. okaaay moving on. i went to different stores to look for that top and the perfect pair of shoes but my mind was somewhere else. so, i followed what my mind told me to. i went to carolina’s and spent most of my time there to buy cloth. some are expensive btw. i bought this orange whatever and it’s 220 a yard. i was planning to buy 3 more variations but they cost 30 pesos more than the orange one. all that for some backyard/bedroom hobby? maybe not. haha.


i had fun picking whichever beads just for the sake of having them. hahaha. talk about collection. that started last year when gela gave me bags of beads for our project. oh golly. i’m constantly asking ate ging to accompany me to divi tomorrow. i know the place is yucky and stuff but heck, i’ll go anywhere just for my ribbons. hahahahaha. i bought a meter of this thick polka dotted black and white ribbon. it’s soooo cute. i’ll buy more tomorrow. šŸ˜€ aaaand i’ll give my friends their purses by next month. hahaha.
i’m not sure if this is something i’ll do for a living but definitely it’s happy and stress relieving. hahahaha. i’m going to buy one balikbayan box full of ribbons and beads and lace and yeah cloth. mwahaha. toodles.


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